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Teacher Tuesday - Tamara Smith

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It’s Teacher Tuesday and we are highlighting our last, but certainly not least, fifth grade teacher, Mrs. Tamara Smith.  Mrs. Smith started teaching in Kindergarten, then moved to first grade and has settled, for the last three years, in fifth grade.  Brookside is lucky to have such a fabulous and loved teacher in Mrs. Smith.

What do you love to do on the weekend? I love to chill with my family, watch movies, and catch up on stuff I didn't get done during the week.

If  you could have lunch with a fictional character who would it be? Robin Hood

Who is your favorite teacher and why? Relta Cox was my AP English and Journalism teacher and my adviser for speech and drama; She was so tough on us and she really pushed me to achieve my potential. Plus she taught me to write and read with purpose, preparing me for college in a way I did not foresee. I still miss her and wish she was still alive so I could tell her what an impact she had on my life, my education, and my own decision to become a teacher.

If you were given $1000 - what would you buy?  Probably take my family out for a nice dinner and then just pay bills.

What song would you sing at Karaoke night? Time After Time by Cyndi Lauper--I am so 80s.

Who or what inspires you?  My dad inspires me. He had 39 years of being an educator and devoting so much time, love, and energy to making kids feel valued and achieve more than they knew they could. Even 11 years after retiring, he has people that contact him to thank him for the impact he had on them. I hope to serve my students in that way.

Share a memory of school:  I remember starting 8th grade in a new town and I was enrolled in Algebra I. I didn't take PreAlgebra in the 7th grade in the school I moved from and I quickly panicked when I didn't know what a variable was. Luckily, I had a great teacher that saw my plight and tutored me after school for two weeks to give me a crash course in Algebra to get caught up. He taught me I could love math--and I still do. 

What is your favorite thing to teach every year? I love math--but teaching American History is my favorite. We get so many great discussions going and I think this subject is where kids can begin to think about what citizenship and community really means.

What is the best thing about your job? My students! I love seeing them learn academic things and learn about themselves and what they are capable of. It is exciting to watch their growth each year, and beyond.


  • Pizza: spicy Thai chicken
  • book/author: Grapes of Wrath/Steinbeck
  • Ice cream: Pralines & Cream
  • Sport: watching whatever my kids play
  • Color: yellow
  • Snack: gum
  • Zoo Animal:  elephants
  • Recess game: tag or monkey bars

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