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Third Grade Has Been Busy!

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Miss Bradford’s works very hard every day, so they deserve a brain break every now and then. Here, they are dancing to “Just Dance.” They work hard and deserve it.

Next, Mrs. Antonino taught Mrs. Ramos' class how to use fractions with a number line. We even got to eat our number lines!  (Twizzler licorice)

Over in Miss White's class, students are working on Narrative writing.

Also in Miss Bradford ‘s class, They have beenworking on their art skills. The GAINS program has taught her students that they can be artists!  Another Art activity they had was when Springville Art Museum came to teach about drawing humans in motion.

And finally, Mrs. Ramos' class had their end of term 2 party today.  They brought electronics and blankets, and wore their pajamas. They had a great time!

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Miss Kelly White, Mrs. Jana Ramos, Miss Mary Jenn Bradford