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Welcome home Captain Frampton!

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We had a special experience today in Mrs. Stapel's second grade class.  Brytton Frampton was surprised by his father who had just come home from being deployed to Saudia Arabia.  For Brytton and his little sister Lily, this was a huge surprise.  They didn't know their dad was coming home today.  The second grade class (including Lily) went to the gymnasium to listen to each other read aloud their animal reports.  When it was Brytton's turn to read, he began his report and then was joined by his father who came walking out from behind the curtain.  As you can imagine, both Brytton and Lily were completely unaware that this was going to happen and it was special watching them as they realized their dad was home.  It was a beautiful and moving experience watching this family come back together.  Yes, there were hugs and tears!

Welcome home Captain Frampton!  Thank you for your service!!!


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Mrs. Darla Stapel