Making Discoveries About Math in 6th Grade

Ann Makin

Mrs. Makin's 6th graders are finding out there is truth to the old saying, "There is more than one way to skin a cat!"  While working on ratios and proportions, the students found that there are many ways to come up with the same answer. For one problem, they came up with 7 different methods to solve it, as shown on the white board. Onward and upward 6th grade!

Field Trip to The Clark Planetarium

Diana Gonzalez

Clark planetarium informed, and delighted all four classes of Brookside 6th graders. A domed view of the night sky revealed both constellations and perspective of them from other stars. Digital wizardry exposed the magic of seasons and the little known fact that the earth is actually closest to the sun on Jan. 4!

5th Grade Field Trip - Provo Rec Center

Susan Bird

On Friday, September 26, the fifth graders experienced Provo Rec Center.  They spent the day playing basketball, racquetball, wally ball, pickle ball, swimming and rock climbing.  They were laughing, running and having a glorious time. They played so hard, they returned to the school exhausted, but they said it was extremely fun and totally worth it.

Making Peanut Butter in 2nd Grade!


Second graders at Brookside have been learning about natural resources and goods & services.  As an activity students made peanut butter.  Students shelled peanuts, and watched as salt, suger and oil were added to the ground up peanuts to make peanut butter.  Students tasted it and loved it!