Learning to be Leaders

Alicia Rudd

Our student council attended a conference this week at BYU.  They learned how to become leaders and different ways to make a difference at our school.  It was a fun day!

Carly Cash of K-Bull 93 Pays Brookside a Visit

Carly Cash of "The Morning Moo Crew" paid Brookside a visit today.  She recorded five different classrooms saying The Pledge of Allegiance.  These recordings will be played throughout the month of November.  Please refer to the list below to find out the dates and times each classes patriotic recording will be played on K-Bull 93 FM.

Nov. 3rd - 8:00: Mrs. Bird's First Grade

Nov. 7th - 8:00: Miss Sahlin's Second Grade

Nov. 13th - 8:00: Miss Bird's Fifth Grade

Nov. 19th - 8:00: Miss Roach's Fifth Grade

Nov. 25th - 8:00: Mrs. Makin's Sixth Grade

Sonic Night

Bridgette Sahlin

Students, parents and teachers came to Springville Sonic to support a great cause...Brookside Elementary.  Part of the proceeds from Tuesday, October 7th's sales were donated to the school.  Everyone enjoyed friends, food and games.  Even Miss Spencer's Dog Gus Guss joined in on the fun.

Second Grade Roxaboxen Communities

Bridgette Sahlin

To wrap a unit on Communities second graders created their own Roxaboxen communities based on the book Roxaboxen written by Barbara Cooney.  Students worked in groups to create the communities.  Each community consists of roads, homes, businesses and even a Town Hall.  Stop by and visit these little towns anytime in the 2nd grade hall.

Overview of Roxaboxen as it appears on Amazon.com:

September Tiger's of the Month

Eric Gappmayer

Tigers of the Month for September were 1st Grade: Taycee Anderson, Zoie Curtis, Yohann Brepoels and Emma Archer. 2nd Grade:  Liberty Braswell, Ava Nielson, Hector Medina, Ava Barker, Victoria Yetter and Lavinia Lentz. 3rd Grade: Edie Knoebel, Sophia Barrager, Ellie Grover and Jesus Bustillos. 4th Grade: Elli Hansen, Lucas Braswell, Hailey Olson and Julia Oberg. 5th Grade: Ella Stoddard, Kate Pexton and Sami Tolley. 6th Grade: Wesley Mangum, Ashley Schobert and Denver Hamberlin.

Thanks for showing your Tiger Pride!


13 Original Colonies

Susan Bird

The fifth graders recently studied the thirteen original colonies.  The were given a colony, studied, researched and learned about it, then created a colony balloon to share with the rest of the class.

Exploring Color

Bridgette Sahlin

Student in second grade have been learning about the primary, secondary and tertiary colors.  Students used construction paper in the primary colors to make a class Primary Colors Quilt.  They blended playdough in the primary colors to create secondary colors. Finally they explored the colors in their 24 pack of Crayola Crayons to make their own Teritiary Color Wheel.