Making Peanut Butter in 2nd Grade!


Second graders at Brookside have been learning about natural resources and goods & services.  As an activity students made peanut butter.  Students shelled peanuts, and watched as salt, suger and oil were added to the ground up peanuts to make peanut butter.  Students tasted it and loved it!

April Tigers of the Month


Tigers of the Month for April were 1st Grade: Lauren Clark, Jeremy Franco, Sophia Melendez, Taven Castillo, McKenna Brand and Harlee Crandall.   2nd Grade: Sabrina Southern, Abigail Hansen, Devon Anderson and Charity Barlow.  3rd Grade: Blaise Toelupe, Allie Prestwich, Sophie Laing and Matisse Jorgenson.

Darla Stapel Receives The Huntsman Award for Excellence in Education

Second grade teacher, Darla Stapel received the Huntsman Award for Excellence in Education on Thursday, April 24th.  

Mrs. Stapel was quite surprised when her door opened and in walked Mrs. Huntsman, her family, several members of the facuty and PTA.  Mrs. Huntsman spotlighted Mrs. Stapel for quite awhile and didn't leave until she got her very own second grade "License;" something all of her students have.

The official award will be presented to Mrs. Stapel on May 16th at an awards dinner for all of this year's Huntsman Award recipents.

5th Grade Hershey Track Meet


The fifth graders attended the Hershey Track Meet on April 24, 2014. The weather was perfect for competing in these events. The students worked hard and their effort paid off. Congratulations to all the winners.

 100 Meter Boys

5th - Wesley Mangum

1st - Clark Warren

200 Meter Boys

5th - Ryan Witney

1st - Clark Warren

200 Meter Girls

4th - Ashley Donahue

2nd - Paige Thompson