Phases of the Moon


As part of a unit of study about the moon, second graders performed and experiment to learn and see the phases of the moon. Students used flashlights, foam spheres atop a stick and dark room to see how the moon orbits around the earth, which orbits around the sun to see how the different phases of the moon are created.  Students had a blast!!!

Medieval Fashion

Ann Makin

 Mrs. Makin's 6th grade had fun with their study of Medieval times last week.  The students set to work of a medieval fashion show. Knights, princesses, highwaymen and peasants alike modeled on the catwalk.

A Trip to Historic Springville City Cemetery

Ann Makin & Diana Gonzalez

The 6th Grade ventured down to the Historic Springville City Cemetery last week to do a bit of research for an upcoming science unit on microbiology. They searched out graves of children who had died before 1920. This information is then researched to find the cause of death of that person. The 6th graders usually don't complain about their Jr. High booster shots after finding out about all the deseases now held in check by vaccines!

February Tigers of the Month


Tigers of the Month for January were 1st Grade: Kira Olson, Tyler Rasmussen, Xander Lopez and Aaron Narciso.  2nd Grade: Sophia Melendez, Jack Beach, Mia Garza, Bryan Salazar, Dylan Reilly and Kimbal McFerson. 3rd Grade: Talia Tanner, Warrick Small, Brenna Haglund and Cristal Lopez.  4th Grade: Christian Magallanes, Abigail Wood, Lexi Pugmire and Sky Giles.  5th Grade: Russell Newbold, Marco Menjivar and Seth Rigtrup.   6th Grade: Victor Chavez, Caleb Brand, Hekela MaVae and Adelyn Laing.

Congratulations! Thanks for showing your Tiger Pride!