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Brookside Elementary Won The School Breakfast Week Grand Prize

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Here are the student's that won the National school breakfast coloring contest. The first place, grand prize for most improved breakfast awareness at a school was awarded to our school from the district lunch program. That winner from Brookside was Ariana Rees and she won a bike.

The coloring contest winners from each grade are:  Olivia Woodward, Letley Strong, Marlie Brown, Angelina Love, and Scarlett Fullmer.

A big thanks to everyone who participated, everyone did a great job! Oh, and did we mention we love our Brookside elementary lunch ladies! They work hard everyday to prepare food and serve our students tirelessly all year long. A huge shout out to each of them: Suzi Whiting, Kimberly Whitney, Kerry Fulmer and Becky Treasure

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Mrs. Kimberly Whitney