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Brookside Praise Note Students For November 2, 2018

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Gavin Cottle, Audrey Moore picked up trash after the reward party in the gym, Angelina Love picked up trash outside at recess when she saw all the candy wrappers, Kate Neth is always positivie and helpful in class, Josh Jones is a hard worker and gets his work done quickly, Susie Oberg is always engaged during class, and is great at participating, Illy Penrod works hard, Bearett Burris never calls out in class, he raises his hand, Sara Prody helped our new student in class, Neveah Moreno is working hard on assignments and helps her neighbor's to be quiet in class, Avery Riley asks other's to play that are sitting on the buddy bench, Preston Martinez helped pick up items that fell on the classroom floor, Madilynn Robbins always sets a good example and walks quietly in the halls, Maggie Saybolt also sets a good example and works hard in class, Gavin Strasbury has improved his behavior in class, Adelaide Everly has been extra helpful with a classmate. She's been patient and kind, Henry Mangum picked up trash on the payground when it was cold and rainy outside.

Great job students. We appreciate all your efforts to improve and be helpful. Tiger Pride!

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Mrs. Laurie Bills