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Chemical Changes

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In Miss Bird’s fifth grade class, we have been talking about chemical changes.  We found out that a chemical change is when ingredients are combined and the result is a completely new substance and that it is not reversible.  We have been doing a few experiments in our class. In one we combined the reactants (ingredients) of water, baking soda, laundry detergent, and vinegar.  The product was that we created a lot of foam. Another experiment was that we grew salt crystals. We combined the reactants of bluing, water, salt and a borax solution.  The product was an explosion of salt crystals. And finally, we talked about mixtures and solutions. We created a heterogeneous mixture of cereal, marshmallows and fruit snacks and learned that mixtures can be separated and combined again and again (a physical change).  With our solution we made hot chocolate and we learned that these cannot be separated again (a chemical change). SCIENCE IS FUN!

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