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Praise Note Student's For The Week Of September 17, 2018

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Finleigh Lyman works hard at practicing her multiplications table even though it frustrates her, Josh Talbot always works hard and does what he is asked happily, Brinlie Seat helps her classmates without being asked, Hollister Churn does his best on his work, Fisher Strong has shown amazing determination in getting out of his comfort zone, Ava Barker is always kind and helpful to those around her, Jens Cutler is great about always asking questions and not getting frustrated when he doesn't get it yet, Lucas Carreno-Cox straightened and cleaned up his classroom without being asked, JJ Beach noticed that he wasn't understanding the content and asked for another way to learn it and did, Kalae Nawahine was kind to another boy and helped him, Talon Walker works quietly during daily 5 and cleans up quickly, Gavin Cottle is always on task, Miles Anderson is great about inviting other students to join his group to make sure everyone is included, Linnea Kallaker is always kind and works hard, Brielle Henrie is happy and willing to participate during class, Leah Simkins wrote kind notes to put in Ms. Beckham's box, Olivia Woodward gets in the lunch line, faces forward, and is quiet, and Dapheeny Moreno put up the classroom chairs.

Thank you students for being amazing! Tiger Strong#, Brookside Pride#

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Mrs. Dana Beckert