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Praise Note Student's For The Week Of September 3, 2018

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These students did amazing things this week:

Kaylee Christensen helped Mr. Jex clean up after breakfast without being asked, Olivia Burris helped Totfer with his assignments because he has a broken arm and can't write, Noah Cardenas is a problem solver and is very helpful to his classmates, Jak Ellner always has a positive attitude. He also is a good friend, Jack Irvine is going above and beyond listening and following teachers directions, Sam jones is always arriving with a positive attitude and is ready to work hard, Addalie Sheffer is always sharing amazing things in class. She works hard with a positive attitude, Camilla Holloway is positive and happy during class. She volunteered to grab the lunch bin, Nathan Thompson always has a positive attitude towards his classmates and he is always working hard, Max Sorensen has been working hard on all of his assignments in class, Lexi Moore has helped her neighbor with her work, Molly Saybolt has set up chairs for the class, Lexi Stahl helped set up the classroom without being asked, Brayden Stock helped unstack chairs for everyone without being asked, Lili Bauer is very helpful in class. She picks up trash too, Ben Lewis is very respectful and jumps in to help without being asked, Amelia Crawford cleaned up trash in the lunch room, Lana Nord set out chairs for her classmates, Taylor McFerson helped other students put their things away quickly, Violet Harris is early to school and starts on her work right away.

Great job students!

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