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Reflection Winners

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Last week we celebrate everyone who entered Reflections.  This year's theme was "Hero's around Me".  All of the projects were amazing!  Thank you to all who participated.  Here are the winners in each category.  They will be going on to the next level of competition.


  • Josiah Fry 1st grade Tautu
  • Nathan Cunningham 1st grade Tautu
  • Luke Elder 3rd grade White
  • Quin Clegg 4th grade Graves

 3-D Visual Arts:

  • Taylor McFerson 2nd grade Stapel
  • Linnea Kallaker 2nd grade Stapel
  • Kami Hill 5th grade Haines
  • Rhett Morrison 5th grade Smith
  • Edie Wilde 6th grade Reini

2-D Visual Arts:

  • Ruth Barker 1st grade Pickering
  • Cooper Ostler 2nd grade Stapel
  • Lili Bauer 5th grade Smith
  • Lana Nord 5th grade Bird
  • Paige Blackburn 6th grade Bowns
  • Isaac Fowler Special Artist kindergarten Hall


  • Zachary Whiting kindergarten Gallagher
  • Audrey Ostler 1st grade Tautu
  • Darcy Bauer 4th grade Graves
  • Eveline Ostler 4th grade Graves
  • Christine Cardenas 6th grade Reini


  • Alexandria Oman 5th grade Haines
  • Madelyn Oman 3rd grade White


  • Josie Whiting 3rd grade Bradford


  • Henry Mangum 2nd grade Stapel
  • Hayden Harman 1st grade Tautu
  • Sidney Brooks 5th grade Bird
  • Jense Harman 4th grade Graves

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Miss Susie Bird, Mrs. Rachel Cardenas