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School Breakfast Week

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I thought we could use a little break from the home  learning and COVID-19 news. So, let's celebrate students.  Last week was school breakfast week.  All week, the students were able to come and enjoy school breakfast.  We want to thank our fabulous and hard working lunch crew - Ms. Rands, Ms. Whiting, Ms. Treasure and Ms. Fulmer, for all the hard work they put into this week and every week to serve our student breakfast and lunch.

This week they had stickers on random trays and when a student found a sticker, they got to pick a prize. There was a coloing contest and bike drawing.  It was a fun week.  Here are the winners for the coloing contest and bike drawing. Great job to all and congrats to the winners.

2nd place winners:
  • 1st grade Taylor Strong (Anderson)
  • 2nd grade Madilyn Robbins (Harmon)
  • 3rd grade Eric Barlow (Bird)
  • 4th grade Etta Kmetzsch (Andrews)
  • 5th grade Claire Kirby (White)
  • 6th grade Raegan Walker (Bowns)
1st place winners:
  • Kindergarten Nisha Burnside (Broussard)
  • 1st grade Brooklyn (Pickering)
  • 2nd grade Nikita Love (Jorgensen)
  • 3rd grade Elliott Hylton (Graves)
  • 4th grade Kayla Crawford (Bradford)
  • 5th grade Caroline Felix (White)
  • 6th grade Andres Solorio (Crandall)
  • 6th grade Angelina Love (Bowns)
And the winner of the stamp cards raffle for the bike is Sarah Crown in first grade.We are so proud of all of them!! 

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