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Teacher of the Year

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The staff has spoken and this year’s Teacher of the Year for Brookside Elementary is Mrs. LeAnn Andrews.  Mrs. Andrews is an amazing teacher, friend and mentor. She has been involved in so much over the years. She began teaching here at Brookside in 1994 and taught for four years.  She took a break for a few years before returning to Brookside and teaching fourth grade. She has been the 4th grade team leader, a PTA member, our computer specialist and has been on several committees to help improve both school and student experiences.  Mrs. Andrews has been in charge of the cheese club and has been our school choir coordinator.

Mrs. Andrews is an amazing teacher, doing everything that she can to help her students learn and grow.  She is a great example to her students because she is always learning. Mrs. Andrews graduated with a BS in Elementary Education from SUSC.  She has minors in reading, mathematics and computer science. She received her ESL endorsement from BYU, attends many conferences to help with literacy, computer science, leadership and professional Development.  She even presented at one of these conferences (way to go!)

When asked what is your philosophy of teaching, Mrs. Andrews said, “I start each year explaining to my students that they will learn lots of things in the coming months, but when they leave our classroom I hope they will take two things. One, I hope they will learn to love to read.  Reading is so critical and everyone can do it at some level.  It should be enjoyable and not a drudgery. Second, I also hope that they all learn to love to learn new things.  I learn new things every day and I love to learn.  I hope that they will want to come to my class to learn new things.

“I believe that all students should be loved and treated fairly which doesn’t always mean everyone is treated equal or the same.  Each student is an individual and deserves to be loved and nurtured and I look for ways to do that on an individual basis.

“I believe that students need to be in charge of their own learning.  They can graph their successes in many ways in my classroom. Their growth is a visual thing that helps them to want to learn and grow.”

Congratulations, Mrs. Andrews on being our Teaching of the Year.  You deserve this honor and so much more. Thank you for all your hard work, for loving and teaching your students (really all the students at Brookside), for being a friend and mentor.  You are amazing and we love having you here at Brookside!

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