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May 2016

Blanket Projects

Submitted by amber.hobbs on Fri, 05/27/2016 - 13:27
Tami Evans

The students in Mrs. Evans 4th grade classroom donated fleece to make blankets. The worked on them in the classroom and donated them this week. What a nice gift that will be to anyone who receives them. 

Music through the Ages

Submitted by amber.hobbs on Thu, 05/26/2016 - 19:47
Mrs. Hobbs

The 6th grade students put on a wonderful performance of Music through the Ages! The students and teachers worked really hard to put this program together, but the students really exceeded our expectations. The students came up with their own dances and actions to do during the program. It was a lot of fun taking a journey through the music of the different decades. We started at 1910 and went up until 2016 and it was fun to see all of the parents sing along with the songs we choose. It was a great year to end the school year! 

Register for Orchestra

Submitted by amber.hobbs on Sat, 05/21/2016 - 21:31
Dana Keller

Orchestra Interest Form

Dear Students,

I am looking for students who love music and are looking for a fun challenge to join our 2016-2017 Brookside Orchestra. Our 6th grade orchestra meets every Monday and Wednesday and every other Friday before school from 7:50 until 8:45. The students learn the basics of their chosen instrument (violin, viola, cello or bass) and will play in three concerts throughout the year.

There are a limited number of violas and cellos for rent from the school but violins and basses must be provided by the student. There are several music stores in the area who rent instruments as well as options to buy. Summerhays in Orem and Boothe Brothers in Spanish Fork as well as a Rock Mountain Music in Springville next to Pier 49 Pizza are only a few. If you choose to buy online, however, I recommend you preview it with someone with some knowledge of the instrument before you buy. Some internet instruments aren’t very good and will just frustrate the student’s learning.

Costs: $75 tuition, $7 method book “Measures of success”

Optional: Shoulder rest for violins and viola, $100 school instrument rental fee for the year

If you think you might be interested in participating next year, please fill out the form below and return it to your teacher.

Hope to see you next year!


Dana Keller

(Please return this form to your teacher by Monday May 23rd. After May 23rd you can have your parents email the information below to This is not a commitment, just to see who is interested. We will do formal recruiting in August and begin practices in September.)



Instruments: Violin, Viola, Cello and Bass

First Choice:_____________________________

Second Choice:____________________________

Parent Name and Email:_______________________


April Tigers of the Month

Submitted by amber.hobbs on Tue, 05/10/2016 - 13:04
Mr. Gappmayer

April Tigers of the Month

First Grade: Evie Ostler, Hailey Defreese, Jacky Garcia, Kristoffer Bartholomew, Jeremiah Anae, and Laney Hoffman

Second Grade: Kayla Garcia, Ryder Hanks, Keoni Godkin, and Miles Petersen

Third Grade: Kamry Clement, Reagan McSweeney, Bailey Iese, Christine Cardenas, Luke Hodson, and Lillie Austin

Fourth Grade: Grace Larson. Jacob Hallett, and Ammon Anderson

Fifth Grade: Brooks Thorpe, Abby Wood, and Emma Clark

Sixth Grade: Mia Roberts, Kade LeFevre, and Maegan Talbot


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