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January 2018

Mrs. Beckert's Monday Message-January 29, 2018

Submitted by liz.porter on Tue, 01/30/2018 - 10:17
Mrs. Beckert

January 29, 2018

Dear Parents,

At this time of year, we see an increase in student absences. As a school, we support your decision concerning sending your child to school or not. If your child is sick and contagious, we would encourage you to keep him/her home to accelerate the healing process and get better.

That being said, attendance at school is critical to academic progress. If your child is not sick or contagious, please make an effort to help him/her get to school on time. Our teachers are prepared each day to provide quality learning activities for students. Without your child’s attendance, he/she will miss out on those lessons and activities causing them to fall behind academically. They are missed when they are not here.

Student success is a team effort between home and school. Thank you for your help concerning this matter. 

Have a great week, Dana Beckert


Brookside Elementary Praise Note Winners-January 21, 2018

Submitted by liz.porter on Fri, 01/26/2018 - 14:47
Mrs. Liz Porter

We have a great group of students this week who did a lot of praiserworthy acts. Banin Lee tells the truth, Devon Levengood has an enthusiasm for learning, David Carson is very kind, Gunnar Weight participates by raising his hand, Nixon Young, Quin Clegg, & Gracie Tanner are listening, Tayler Christensen is compassionate, Taylor Woodward remembers to say thank you, Jazmin Sanchez has good manners and thinks of others, Alex Woodward lets others line up first, Charlie Young does her best work and is kind to others, Josie Whiting picked up trash in the lunchroom, Hunter Curtis helps clean up the classroom, Baylee Jenkins always has a positive attitute and is always helping others, Josh Creer asks questions to make sure he understands, Lexie Antonino is always willing to help others, Parker Young makes the class laugh, Ashley Fitzgerald is happy and works quietly, Alexis Mackay helps push in classroom chairs, Lucas Cox helps put down the classroom chairs, Sabrina Southern went above and beyond in the lunchroom helping Mr. McCarty clean up lunch tables.

Thanks students! We appreciate your help making our classrooms and school great.

Brookside Elementary Monday Message From Mrs. Beckert

Submitted by liz.porter on Tue, 01/23/2018 - 09:45
Mrs. Dana Beckert

Dear Parents,

This week we are excited about having the district dance specialist, Melanie Fillmore, here to work with our teachers and students. This will be our third experience this year working with her and we are excited to have her back. Previously, she has worked with 3rd-6th graders and this experience will include 1st and 2nd grades. She will be training and teaching our teachers ways to integrate arts instruction, specifically dance, into other content areas as well as helping teachers know how to teach the specific Utah core fine arts curriculum.

Experiencing the fine arts is part of a well-rounded and complete education. We are proud to be a part of the Beverley Taylor Sorenson Arts Learning Program which provides arts-integrated instruction to elementary students. We have wonderful teachers who strive each day to provide fine arts experiences for our students.

Have a great week,, Dana Beckert

Brookside Elementary Praise Note Students For The Week Of January 15, 2018

Submitted by liz.porter on Fri, 01/19/2018 - 12:02
Mrs. Dana Beckert

This is a great group of students this week that have gone above and beyond in praiseworthy acts.  Joshua Talbot put all the chairs up without being asked, Cole Levengood is working hard at being polite and following directions, Baylee Sampson helps her neighbors, Caleb Salmond tries to do hard things, Kaelinn Haglund took down all the chairs in the classroom, Madi Fay helped a classmate with math, Derek Huerta has worked hard on his reading, Mckinley Bartholomew is a good friend, Lydia Kmetzsch picked up trash without being asked, Maverik York cleaned up without being asked, Casey Cottle follows directions while the class is lined up, Sina Afemui is very polite, Kaleb Rivas took time to think before writing in his journal, and Jake Simpson picked up trash without being asked.

Keep up all the praiseworthy acts students, we are watching you!

Mrs Beckert's Monday Message for January 8, 2018

Submitted by liz.porter on Tue, 01/09/2018 - 10:16
Mrs. Dana Beckert

Monday Message for January 8, 2018

Dear Parents,

Happy New Year! 2018 is off to a great start here at Brookside and we appreciate your support and help.

We have some great things happening this week:

  • SEP conferences are Thursday, January 11th. You should have received an invitation to sign up with your student’s teacher. If you have any questions, please contact us. We look forward to seeing you!

  • 1st-3rd grade choir also begins on Thursday, January 11th. Permission slips were sent home last week students. The choir will meet on Thursday mornings in room 19 at 8:00 am. If your student would like to participate in the choir, there are additional permission slips in the office.

  • There is no school on January 12th for teacher development day and also, no school on January 15th for Martin Luther King, Jr. Day.

Have a great week,

Dana Beckert


Brookside Praise Note Winner's For The Week Of January 1, 2018

Submitted by liz.porter on Fri, 01/05/2018 - 12:37
Mrs. Dana Beckert

We have some students that have done praise worthy acts before and after winter break. We would like to recognize Chris Mickelson for plugging in the ipads and chromebooks, Gunnar Weight for staying late to stack chairs, Sophia Melendez for asking questions about her classwork so she could do it correctly, Nixon Young for handling problems on his own and not tattling on others, Olivia Burris, Emma Burris, and Jack Beach for always saying thank you, Jeryck McCoy is always trying to be polite, Eduard Orozco is honest, Lisset Mosqueda helps organize the ipads, Ace York is working on neat hand writing, Lincoln Tibbs set a personal goal and is reaching it, Edie Wilde is having a positive attitude with her schoolmates, Teagan Farrer finished his morning work, Gracie Tanner went the extra mile in picking up things around the classroom, Shawn Costello walked down the hall quietly and sat on pockets during the assembly, Nixon Young cleaned up for another student, Brayden Smith let the office know when there was an issue in one of the rooms at the school.

It's good to be back from winter break and settle into school again. The term end next Thursday with SEP's starting at 3:30. No school Friday the 12th or Monday the 15th.

“Lifting Hands 2017 Brookside Elementary Refugee Service Project”

Submitted by liz.porter on Tue, 01/02/2018 - 12:55
Mrs. Jennifer Frahm

Together, we donated all of these items to refugee children: 3 winter kits9 packages of socks17 packages of underwear28 fleece blankets696 diapers3728 wipes The collection point manager in Provo was ecstatic to see our donations because they filled up the rest of her trailer, so she was able to go drop off a load at the Lifting Hands International warehouse in Pleasant Grove, which is currently preparing a new shipment to Jordan. What a wonderful Brookside Elementary community effort. A huge THANK YOU to everyone who donated!

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