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September 2019

Brookside Elementary Praise Note Students For September 27, 2019

Submitted by liz.porter on Fri, 09/27/2019 - 10:48
Mrs. Beckert

Wow, we had a lot of good deeds going on at Brookside Elementary this week. Great job students!!!

Katara Penrod has worked extra hard on multi-digit multiplication this week, Layla Miller is a good example to her classmates by working quietly on all her assignments, Anna Larsen helped a classmate clean and organize her desk without being asked, Cody Pulham works really hard to be ready when it's time to start a new task, Malachi Kentjana Putra said thank you to another student for holding the door open, Sophia Sadleir is holding the playground doors open for the upper grade students, Brandt Knoebel had his arms folded the entire length of the opera assembly, Hayden Harman was the only student who listened and helped pick up the trash on the floor, Ruby Workman works quietly and does her best, Andrew Bott worked so hard and was a peacemaker on his group's Roxaboxen project, Damien Webster helped a student up that had fallen down, Emmett Knight helps take down everyone's chair every morning, Missy Acero made sure all the beans were cleaned up from BINGO, Sydney Mitchell and Isaac Pendlebury sat as good audience members for our assembly, Katelyn Dickson went above and beyond on all of her assignments, especially in guided reading, Grand Dover put in his best work on a writing assignment to share with the class, Allie Dickson did an over the top job on her guided reading assignment, Matthew Christian he was one of the first students to participate in a guided reading activity, Violet Harris worked incredibly hard on reading over the summer, Leah Simkins helped a friend in the hall and showed incredible kindness, Shawn Costello for incredible, respectful, behavior at the assembly, Caroline Felix always has a positive attitude and greets our class each morning happily, Maddix Thatcher is very well behaved and respectful during opera assembly, he remindes others to be quiet as well, Scarlett Robinson was very well behaved during the opera assembly. He listened and participated, and Luke Elder was also very respectful and well behaved during the opera assembly.

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Who Wants to Be an Opera Star

Submitted by susan.bird on Thu, 09/26/2019 - 10:53

Today, we had the priviledge of having the Utah Opera come and present to us Who Wants to Be an Opera Star.  These singers taught us the types of voices like bass, mezzo, tenor and saparano.  They also taught us a few terms like aria and bravo.  It was fun to listen to them sing an aria, a duo, a trio and a quartet.  They work hard to become opera singer and we are thankful to them for coming and sharing their talent with us.

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Yoga Challenges

Submitted by susan.bird on Wed, 09/25/2019 - 10:59
Mrs. Miranda Graves

We had a couple minutes at the end of the day so decided to have yoga pose challenges. This pose is called Boat Position.

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Bus Drivers Needed

Submitted by susan.bird on Wed, 09/25/2019 - 08:28

Bus Driver's Needed, please spread the word

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Teacher Tuesday - Mrs. Nielsen

Submitted by susan.bird on Tue, 09/24/2019 - 13:58
Miss Susie Bird

We have some awesome new teachers here at Brookside this year.  Our first spot light is a new first grade teacher, Mrs. Nielsen. She started teaching in 1997 at Santaquin Elementary.  Over her career, she has had the opportunity to teach at many different schools and different grades. She has four children. Her oldest daughter is 19 and is attending the University of Utah, majoring in sports medicine.  Her oldest son is 16 and attends Payson High School. Her second son is 13 and attends Payson Jr. High.  And her second daughter is 11 and attends Orchard Hills Elementary. My husband was an ICU nurse who also worked on Life Flight but died 6 years ago.

Mrs. Nielsen says that love teaching school and has enjoyed being with children and babysitting since she was young.  She is very glad to be part of Brookside Elementary! Mrs. Nielson was asked some very important questions. Here are her answers:

What do you like to do on the weekend? She likes to read or hang out with her children.

If she could have lunch with any fictional character it would be Belle from Beauty and the Beast.  

Who was your favorite teacher?  Miss Brabazon, 3rd grade.  “She has a lot of incentives for me because I worked hard and did more than I was required.  She let me go on treasure hunts around the school for reading extra minutes.”

If she was given $1000 dollars, what would she buy?  A kids go cart.  Do you think she would let us all go for a spin?

The song that she would sing at karaoke night would be Girls Just Wanna Have Fun by Cyndi Lauper

Mrs. Nielsen says that her mom inspires her because she always looks on the positive side of things and can cheer her up.

What is one or two of your favorite memories of school?  “I remember having a doctor come in and put a cast on his daughter to show us what he did at work.  I wanted to be the one with a cast .” She also remembers her class snickering at the mention of Garfield County.

What is your favorite thing to teach every year? “I love teaching reading because I love it myself.”

What is the best thing about your job?  “The best thing about my job is working with great people.  I also enjoy seeing the students learn new things.”


  • Pizza: Hawaiian
  • book/author: Tuck Everlasting
  • Ice cream: Chocolate chip cookie dough
  • Sport: softball
  • Color: Navy blue
  • Snack: crackers
  • Zoo Animal: okapi
  • Game at recess:  Jump rope

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Multiplication and Dream Homes

Submitted by susan.bird on Tue, 09/24/2019 - 13:55
Mrs. Tamara Smith

We have been working on multiplying multi-digit numbers in 5th grade. Today we designed floor plans for our dream homes with specific area requirements. Students had some creative ideas for the rooms in their homes

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Mrs. Beckert's Monday Message

Submitted by liz.porter on Tue, 09/24/2019 - 08:59
Mrs. Beckert

September 23, 2019

Dear Parents,

Here are a few reminders for the upcoming week:

  • Reflections entries are due this coming Friday, September 27th. Thank you for encouraging your students to participate in this program. Entry forms are online and additional information is in the office. The PTA sent out was a Sign-up Genius on September 19th for anyone who would like to help judge the entries. 

  • This week is “No Screen Week”. Students are encouraged to be screen free or to at least decrease the time they would usually spend in front of a screen. The yellow recording sheets that were sent home can be brought back on Monday. 

  • Students were given a free Brookside t-shirt today! Thank you to our PTA for providing these shirts to each and every student!

  • There are a few PTA positions that are still open. If you would be willing to help the PTA in any of these capacities or have any questions about the different positions, please contact Rachel Cardenas at

    • President Elect

    • 6th Grade Celebration Chair

    • Parents and Pastries Chair

    • SEP Dinners Chair

    • Run-a-thon Committee Members

Thank you and have a great week!

Dana Beckert


Brookside Elementary


Ancient Chinese Empire

Submitted by susan.bird on Mon, 09/23/2019 - 15:29
Mrs. Cassie Crandall

We had a really fun end to our week of learning about the Ancient Chinese Empire. We ended by celebrating our Mid Autumn Festival (the second largest holiday in China) with traditional mooncakes, paper lanterns, and painting Chinese characters. We had a lot of fun!

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