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Cougar Strong

Submitted by susan.bird on Thu, 03/28/2019 - 15:11
Miss Susie Bird

Every term the students at Brookside Elementary are working on being great students.  They try to be on their best behavior. Every student that follows the rules, listens and does the best they can is awarded with a term reward.  For our third term reward, we attended an assembly that featured the BYU Dunk Team and Cosmo. The BYU Cougars talked about being Cougar strong. They talked about being mentally strong, socially strong and mentally strong.  They demonstrate each of these. Being mentally strong, they talked about making sure that you are learning and turning in your work. Six students helped Cosmo get his homework turned in by participating in a relay. Being social strong was demonstrated by ten students who received two t-shirts. .  They got to keep one and the second they were asked to give to someone they don’t know.And finally, they talked about being physically strong. That was demonstrated by a group doing push-ups. We loved that this was all followed by the dunk team showing us some amazing tricks! Everyone loved this assembly!  There was cheering and clapping and laughing at the fun that was shared. Way to go, Tigers! Keep up the great behavior.

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