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Praise Note Students For April 22, 2022

Submitted by liz.porter on

Michael Boyd encourages fellow students with sincere compliments, Keiffer Berge picked up garbage, Leah Simkins helped a student get off the playground when she was stuck, Dieter Chaston picked up trash, Michelle Brockbank helped a friend when they were sad in class, Skylar Hodak shared ice with another friend who got hurt and Mac Christensen helped Mrs. Pickering with a task while waiting for the bus. 

Principal Beckert

Fifth Grade State Floats

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The fifth graders have been working hard researching and learning about a state.  Students were assigned a state several weeks ago and have been hard at working hard researching all about their states.  In class, they have put together a slide show to teach about the state and then they have created a float to represent their state.  These students did an amazing job creating their floats to represent their state.  Great job, Fifth Graders!  

These floats are on display this week in the fifth grade hallway.

Third Grade Goes to the Art Museum

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Last week, 3rd graders from Brookside, ventured on a walking field trip to the Springville Art Museum. They walked through the museum and learned about some of the paintings. Students were given a piece of paper and pencil, and sketched/copied from paintings that evoked various feelings or connections. It was educational and a lot of fun.

Thanks to our volunteer parent helpers! We appreciate you!!

Ms. Mary Jenn Bradford

Teacher Appreciation Week

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This past week our PTA hosted Teacher Appreciation week. The theme was "Teachers plant seeds that grow forever." It was an amazing week filled with treats and gifts that spoiled the staff at Brookside.  We were greeted Monday morning to sidewalk chalk in front of the school as we walked up to the building.

Praise Notes for April 1

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We are so happy to celebrate these students who went above and beyond this week to show their Tiger Pride.  Janae Papa and JT Papa stopped to help another student, after school, to fix their bike chain.  Jack Niu helped another student to finish his work. Anika Thompson helped Mrs. Petersen, her student teacher stay on schedule throughout the day.

Principal Dana Beckert