5th & 6th grades Enjoy Dance Class

Stephanie Ewing
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Fifth and 6th graders got to learn all about the Bill of Rights and the moon phases using dance. Thank you to Mrs. Mayne for teaching how cool dance is! It was fun to learn and dance at the same time.

Reflection District Winners

Jade Poulson and Wesley Mangum

Jade Poulson and Wesley Mangum are winners!  Both of their entries in the PTA Reflections contest went to District competition where they won their divisions and are now on their way to State.  Jade wrote a beautiful poem for her reflection and Wesley entered in the Theater Arts category where he wrote, directed and starred in a one man show.  We wish them the best in their contest.

100's Day

Bridgette Sahlin
100's Day

Students in kindergarten, first and second grade celebrated the hundredth day school on Monday, January 28th. The students participated in sorting, graphing, art, math, PE and writing activities centered around the number 100.

Miss Sahlin & Mrs. Stapel's Second Graders posed under The Hundredth Day of School Arch.

Kindergarten Fun

Peggy Van Ausdal
Mrs. Van Ausdal Kinder 1
Mrs. Van Ausdal Kinder 2

To celebrate R week with Raggedy Ann & Andy, Mrs V's kindergarten class had a tea party.  The class brought a stuffed animal or doll from home.  They read a book about a tea party Raggedy Ann & Andy had with friends, and then  had their own!

Winter Fun

Tammy Smith
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Mrs. Tammy Smith's Kindergarten classes took advantage of a clean air day and hand some fun sledding in the snow.  They warmed up with some hot chocolate after the fun. What a delightful activity!

6th Grade and Microorganisms

Ginger Harrison/Susie Bird
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Brookside Elementary 6th graders are learning about microorganisms in Science.  On January 14th, they participated in an assembly with guest speakers who are employed at the Springville Wastewater Treatment and Sewer Department.  Juan Garrido, Department Superintendent, and Thad Penrod, microbiologist, brought water samples and used a microscope to show and teach about some of the single-celled microorganisms that are found in the water and used in the water treatment process.

Ballet West

Ballet West and students

Members of the Ballet West Dance Company treated the students at Brookside to a wonderful assembly.  The children learned some basic ballet moves as well as watching parts of the Nutcracker Suite Ballet.  We are glad Ballet West could share their talents with us.

December Students of the Month


Brookside Elementary in Springville has some terrific kids who deserve recognition for their hard work and good citizenship. One student is chosen from each class. Our December Students of the month from 1st through 6th grades the students are as follows: Kaden Harris, Trent Henstra, Lexie Shepherd, Brandon Giminez, Eliza Yeagley, Zoie Smith, Diego Caraveo, Christian Magallanes, Ruby Benson, Samantha Gonzalez, Libby Hodson, Porter Small, Shayla Phan, Isaac Wasden, Tayla Berry, Rafe Hill, Camerson Gerhart, Nicholas Thorpe, Carsen, Poole, Ben Creer, Claire Duncan, and Sierra Arbon

Miss Springville Visits 5th Grade

Susie Bird
Miss Springville

Miss Springville/Mapleton, Abbey Eriksson, visited the fifth graders on Wednesday, December 19, to teach the students about her platform, of promoting and encouraging young people to vote.  She talked to the students about the importance of voting and not only do they have a voice in this country, but they can make a difference.   The students enjoyed the presentation. 

SJHS Christmas Concert


The Brookside student body was treated to a terrific taste of Christmas with the annual choir assembly from Springville Jr. High. Their voices were beautiful and the carols and songs were sung to perfection.  The students all had fun joining in on the "Goin' On a Sleigh Ride" rap.

Thank you Mrs. Walker and the Jr. High Choirs.