6th Grade Field Trip


6th Graders were able to appreciate a bit more of Springville this week when we traveled to the Fish Hatchery and then the Springville Museum of Art. The students had a smelly but fun time learning what it takes to grow fish and stock our ponds and streams. After lunch in the park, we took advantage of the wonderful museum, by learning of the history and also being amazed at the fantastic high school artists we have in the state of Utah.

Students of the Month

February Students of the Month

These great kids were chosen Students of the Month for February.  They are hardworking and good examples to those around them.  They are Tiger Pride in action!

1st Grade: Noah VanOrman, Alessandra Garcia, Joaquin Diaz, Emma Lopez

2nd Grade: Katie Harlow, Luke Barker, Sadie Crandall, Julio Castillo

3rd Grade: Max Stewart, Kelvin Tienda, Carsten Smith, Taylor Peterson

4th Grade: Ashley Schobert, Levi Shepherd, Kaison Roberts, Kloey Iese

5th Grade: Abby Carlton, Kaitlin Maloy, Aspen Stewart

6th Grade: Morgan Arancibia, Peyton Maughan, Macarthur Reilly


Read-a-Thon Winners

Lunch with Mrs. Rudd Winners

The PTA had our students reading up a storm in the recent Read-a-Thon. The students read for fun and prizes, and along the way earned funds for PTA activities. The winners are:

Classes that averaged the most reading for the week:

Kindergarten - Mrs. Smith's a.m. class

1st Grade - Mrs. Clark's class

2nd Grade - Mrs. Morrison's class

3rd Grade - Mrs. Evan's a.m. class

4th Grade - Mrs. Wirfs' p.m. class

5th Grade - Miss Roach's p.m. class

6th Grade - Mrs. Makin's a.m. class


Students that read the most per grade that win lunch with Mrs. Rudd at Magleby's:

Kindergarten - Emma Burris (Mrs. Hylton a.m.)

1st Grade - Sabrina Southern (Mrs. Clark)

2nd Grade - Jordan Wilcken (Mrs. Morrison)

3rd Grade - Owen Beach (Mrs. Evans a.m.)

4th Grade - Jakob Morrison (Mrs. Wirfs p.m.)

5th Grade - Zachary Carreno (Miss S. Bird a.m.)

6th Grade - Nicole Pope (Mrs. Makin p.m.)

UEI - Lupe Gonzalez (Miss Ellinger)


Students that donated the most per grade that won a scooter:

Kindergarten - Tyler Pinegar (Mrs. Hylton a.m.)

1st Grade - Luke Killpack (Mrs. Amy Bird)

2nd Grade - Harrison Child (Mrs. Jorgensen)

3rd Grade - Trevor Grover (Mrs. Borup)

4th Grade - Raef Grierson (Mrs. L. Andrews a.m.)

5th Grade - Sabrina Scott (Miss Roach p.m.)

6th Grade - Gracie Thorpe (Mrs. Makin p.m.)


Disneyland Tickets winner:  Emma Creer (4th grade)





Brookside Food Drive

Susie Bird
Brookside Student Council's Pie in the Face

The student council took one in the face in order to raise awareness for our latest food drive. In February 2013, the Brookside student council held a fund raiser to collect food for the local food bank.  They set their goal of 1002 items and asked each student and teacher to bring one or two cans.  In a little over a week, the goal was met!  The student council promised that if they reached their goal, they would all get a pie in their face.  At a recent assembly, the promise was fulfilled and they were hit with a pie.  The kids loved it and wanted another pie to be thrown at them.  Student council pictured from left to right is:  Mariah Skinner, Lyssa Bennett, Addie Nielson, Joel Emmett, Joseph Harrison and Issac Hodson.


School Song Lives On

Kathleen Evans
Dave and Martha Sargent with 3rd Grade


On Wednesday, February 20th, the Third Graders honored Dave and Martha Sargent.  The Sargents wrote our school song back in the 1980's. The students sang the song for the Sargents, while Mr. Sargent played the piano, without any music!  Mrs. Sargent then taught the students about some songs they've been learning.  They were honored with a birthday cake, because both Mr. and Mrs. Sargent were born in February.  The school is grateful to the Sargents for a great school song.  Mrs. Sargent will be returning to Brookside to teach the third grade music again this year.  


5th Grade Science Fair Winners

science fair winners - 5th grade.JPG


These hard workers are going on to the district competition!5th grade winners: back row:  Cynthia Duran, Grace Elison, Kelsey RemingtonFront Row:  McKay Farrer, Cameron Gerhart, Jordan Pugmire 


6th Grade Science Fair Winners

6th Grade Science Fair

These hard working students won the schoold science fair competition and will move on to the district level.  They are, front row: Ben Dunford, Daphne LeSueur, Mariah Skinner.  Back row: Joel Emmett, Christian Small, Macarthur Reilly, and Andrew Price.


Clean Beyond Expectations!

Alicia Rudd
Clean room after lunch!

Mrs. johnson challenged students to clean up after themselves and they did!  Wow!  What respectful students.

January Students of the Month

003 (1).JPG

Brookside Elementary in Springville has some terrific kids who deserve recognition for their hard work and good citizenship. One student is chosen from each class. Our January Students of the month from 1st through 6th grades the students are as follows:

1st Grade: Aubrie Tranchell, Caleb Mecham, Mason DeLlamas, Ashtyn Saybolt

2nd Grade: Aida Negrete, Paityn Clegg, Will Emmett, Alex Acero

3rd Grade: Sarah Liddiard, Josh Larson, William Ellis, Halley Caldwell

4th Grade: Annai Diaz, Ashley Donahue, Dallon Kershner, Emma Creer

5th Grade: Shylee Stone, Grace Elison, Chris Hernandez

6th Grade: Sopia Wasden, Morgan Johnson, Alex Middlebrook

Congradulations, we are proud of you!

Crystal Apple Award

Craig Harvey and Sarah Curtis

Crystal Apple Award at Brookside Elementary
Sarah Curtis was selected by her colleagues at Brookside Elementary inSpringville to be the 2012-2013 recipient of the Crystal Apple Award presentedby Horace Mann Insurance. Sarah is an exceptional teacher who goes aboveand beyond for her students and those who teach alongside her. She is aperson of high moral character with an infectious personality. She is admired asan expert teacher, faculty mentor, and team leader.
Miss Curtis grew up in Reno, Nevada and is the second youngest of sevenchildren. She has 4 brothers, 2 sisters and 23 nieces and nephews. Duringthe times when Sarah is not preparing wonderful, engaging, hands on lessonsfor her first graders she enjoys reading, traveling, soccer and perfecting hermother’s recipes for cinnamon rolls and apple pie.
Miss Curtis earned a Bachelor’s degree in Elementary Education fromBrigham Young University in 2005 and Masters of Education from Southern UtahUniversity in 2010. She has also received both an ESL endorsement and Mathendorsement from SUU.
Sarah’s first year of teaching was spent as an intern in a 2 nd gradeclassroom at Copperview Elementary in Jordan School District. After graduatingfrom BYU she moved to Beaver Dam Elementary in Littlefield, Arizona. Herfirst year was spent teaching 2nd grade. The next year she shared her wealthof knowledge with the faculty as the reading coach for the school. In 2007,Miss Curtis accepted her current position as first grade teacher at BrooksideElementary. “We are so lucky she joined the Brookside family!” A member ofthe faculty stated enthusiastically.
Sarah has a way of making fellow faculty members feel important,valued, welcome and warm with her smile. She carries that same feelingthrough to the students in her classroom. Her students know she cares andthey love being around her. She can often be caught giving students high fivesfor a job well done, a warm hug to a first grader having a bad day or dancingwith her class during a brain break. One little first grader is quoted saying,“Miss Curtis sings a lot!” Her classroom is without doubt a great place to learnand grow.
You truly deserve this award Sarah! Way to go!