Working Together


Mrs. Smith and Mrs. Wilber's 5th grade classes are learning how to work together as a team to accomplish a goal. All of the team members had to use their fingers to get the stick from chest level to the ground. They found that if the don't work together, help each other, and concentrate the stick goes up instead of down. The classes are working each week on a character building activity to promote respect of self, others and property.

Reading Together


Mrs. Wilber's 5th grade class loves Fridays when they get to go read with Mrs. Borup's 3rd grade class. It's great to see the two classes help each other and build bonds."

Writing to 100!


Zoey Kehl accomplished an amazing first great feat...she wrote from 1-100! Way to go Zoey! Mrs. Amy Bird and Mrs. Rudd are so proud of her.

6th Grade Field Trip to Springville City Cemetery


The 6th graders did some field work this week at the Springville City Cemetery. They are gathering data about deaths that happened to children before 1920.  As an introduction to microbiology, research will be done about disease and what happened after the introduction on vaccinations in the 20th century.  Good work 6th grade!

October Tiger's of the Month


Tigers of the Month for October were 1st Grade: Reagan McSweeney, Aldo Magana, Samantha Rigtrup, Quinn Root, Eli Whiting and Dylan Reilly. 2nd Grade: Nathan Arballo, Adia Clanton, Kaden Harris and Ashtyn Saybolt. 3rd Grade: Brooks Thorpe, Cozette Barlow, Alyson Ruiz and Katie Barrager. 4th Grade: Paige Ballard, Sami Tolley, Owen Beach, and Brooklyn Weight. 5th Grade: Amelia Oberg, Lydia Felix, Alleina Felt and Tracy Segeberg.  6th Grade: Kaitlyn Metler, Ishmael Mavae and Hannah Yeagley.

Congratulations! Thanks for being terrific examples to everyone at Brookside!


Mrs. Rudd's Wall of Star Work

Quinton Smith in Miss Sahlin's 2nd Grade

Principal Alicia Rudd encourages students at Brookside to do their best in everything they do.  She even has a wall in her office  where student "Star Work" is on exhibit for all visitors to see.  Students are always excited to see their hard work on display! 

Quinton Smith was very excited to see his Star Work out for everyone to see.  He worked very hard to improve his handwriting as well as receive a 100% on his math quiz.

5th Graders Visit University of Utah's Natural History Museum

Article & Photos by Susan Bird

On November 1st, the fifth graders visited the Natural History Museum at the University of Utah.  They were able to experience various aspect of their science core by observing many different displays and hands on exhibits.  they were able to see land formations and how they change, cells and character traits, and natural disasters.

Halloween at Brookside Elementary

Photos by Ashley Roberts, Bridgette Sahlin, Susan Bird, Crystal Spencer, LeAnn Andrews, Karen Bird, Melanie Wirfs and Sarah Jones
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6th grade teachers Ann Makin, Ashley Roberts and Nicole Berg
Is that Mr. Bird?
Students in Miss Sahlin's 2nd Grade
First Grade Teacher, Mrs. Amy Bird
First Grade Teacher, Miss Spencer

Halloween was a day full of learning, fun and festivites.  Students and Faculty participated in many different activites throughout the day ranging from class parties, themed lessons, Thriller performances and school wide parade.  Take a minute to look at all the photos showing the goings on throughout the school. Everyone had a great time! 

Second Graders Feeding the Hungry

Article & Photos by Rebecca Jorgensen

Second graders in Mrs. Jorgensen's class made 48 sack lunches for the Food and Care Coalition as part of our Social Studies core to participate in a local civic activity.   It was a month long project.  The second graders did extra chores at home to earn money to pay for the food.  Each week they charted the money they collected on 4 graphs that they recently learned about in math.  They learned about the assembly line and had half the class make lunches on an assembly line  while the other half made the lunch from start to finish.  The iPad was used to take pictures and videos.

Daily 5 in Mrs. Wirfs 4th Grade

Article by Bridgette Sahlin. Photos by Alicia Rudd

Students in Mrs. Wirfs 4th grade class work on Daily 5 Activities. These activities help develop a daily habit of reading, writing and working independently. This will lead to a lifetime of literacy independence.  

Activities include reading to self, working on writing, listening to reading (helps promote fluency), word work and reading to someone.

During this time Mrs. Wirfs is pulling small reading groups. This gives her the opportunity to work with students on individual needs.