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Don't Crush My Chips by Dr. Hank Smith

Miss Susie Bird

Brookside was lucky to have an assembly today by Dr. Hank Smith. He started by talking about making good and bad choices. Giving many examples of what a good choice is.  He told the students that if you want to have a successful life, it’s up to the choices we make. If we want to have a happy life, it’s up to our choices.

Dr. Smith then started talking about chickens. He wanted to students to understand what a pecking order was and showed that even some schools have pecking orders.  He related this to bullying and being bystanders. We don’t want to be bystanders. We need to be UPSTANDERS. We need to stand up against bullies. 

Dr. Smith shared stories about kids who were bullied and how just one kid can make a difference by becoming an upstander and make a difference in the lives of the kids they help. He told us that it’s not hard to be an upstander.  We just need to decide to do something.  

He ended with this.  “Let’s talk about chips.”  He introduced a friend (a bag of chips) named Nacho Doritos. Nacho was a kid in school, happy and carefree.  Someone comes up and makes fun of him, and inside his chips are crushed. But Nacho keeps a good attitude and goes on.  But he is teased and made fun of again and again and again. Each time he is crushed a little bit more on the inside. He may look fine, but inside he is crushed.  That changes us over time. The moral of this story. We need to stand up for ourselves and tell others that are being mean to us, “Dude, don’t crush my chips.”

Thank you, Dr. Hank, for an awesome assembly and lesson.

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Teacher Tuesday - Mrs. Tautu

Miss Susie Bird

Mrs. Caroline Tautu is one of our amazing first grade teachers. You can always count on her to have a smile on her face and a positive attitude.  We are lucky to have this beloved teacher working here at Brookside. 

On the weekend, Mrs. Tautu loves to spend time with her husband Austin and their  families. They like to go to the gym, relax at home, go on hikes with their dog Kona and go out to eat with their friends! 

If you could have lunch with any fictional character, who would it be? “This is hard! I guess I would have to go back to my childhood with this one as well and say Willy Wonka! I loved that book in the 3rd grade and the movies as well. He would be very interesting to eat lunch with! :)”

Who was your favorite teacher and why? “I had two favorite teachers growing up. One was my fourth grade teacher, I remember every lesson being super interesting and she always made me feel important. My other favorite teacher was one of my junior high teachers that I had every year for a couple different subjects. She genuinely got to know her students and encouraged me. She complimented my work and made me feel like I was seen in her class.”

If given $1000, she would probably buy clothes, groceries, random things she want from amazon or a new furniture/decorations for her house!

For karaoke night, Mrs. Tautu would choose to sing: Love Will Find a Way by Christina Aguilera

Who or what inspires you? Mrs. Tautu says, “I am inspired all the time by many different things in my life! I am always inspired by those that I love and are close to me. My husband inspires me because he works really hard every day and comes home with a smile on his face. Its a rare day if you hear Austin complaining about something. He always reminds me that worrying it suffering twice! One thing I turn to if I am lacking inspiration is I find quotes or even just one word that carries value for me and post it somewhere where I can read it every day. It gives me a little boost and pushes me to do better and be better.”

Share a memory or two of school:  Two of the strongest memories of mine in elementary school both include me winning a drawing! Apparently, I was very lucky in my younger days!

  • When I was in second grade I put my name in a drawing to take home our class guinea pigs at the end of the year. I was so excited when I won the drawing but my mom was a little upset. I hadn't asked her if I could enter the drawing in the first place! We took the two guinea pigs home and lived our their days with us! 
  • I remember in Kindergarten the 2002 Olympics were in Salt Lake! Each class had a drawing and one kid got to ride a bus up to Salt Lake and watch a cross country skiing event. I won the drawing in my class and ended up meeting a new friend on the bus that I am still friends with today! 

What is your favorite thing to teach every year? “I love teaching our "How To" writing unit! It's so fun to see what the kids decided to write about and their stories always turn out awesome.” 

What is the best thing about your job? “I think the best part of my job is who I get to work with. They make my job different every day, new and exciting and entertaining! They make me laugh and keep me on my toes. They teach me a lot about myself and I love coming to work everyday because of them.”


  • Pizza:Sausage and olive pizza from Mod Pizza!
  • book/author:I have always loved the book Charlotte's Web ever since I was a little girl! It will forever be my favorite. 
  • Ice cream:I really love pineapple ice cream! A dole whip float is my very favorite treat!
  • Sport:My favorite sport to play is Volleyball! My favorite sport to watch is football. 
  • Color: I love any neutral color! I wear a lot of gray, tan and black, it sounds boring, but it's the truth! 
  • Snack:I love cottage cheese with grapes or pineapple for a snack!
  • Zoo Animal:I love to see the giraffes when I go to the zoo!
  • Recess game:I loved to do anything as long as I was with my friends. We loved to play soccer with the boys or jump rope, double dutch was our favorite. 

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How Should Utah Valley Grow Survey, Please Participate

Mrs Beckert

Valley Visioning is a community wide effort to create a vision for growth in Utah County. In the survey you will have the chance to weigh in on growth related issues like water, transportation, education, and many others that will have big impacts on our future, plus our school get's $1.50 for every survey completed! Thanks so much.

Information on survey

Coloring Contest

Miss Susie Bird

As part of our Red Ribbon week, we had a coloring contest. We had a winner from every grade and lots of great entries. Great job, Tigers!

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Friends Friday - Mrs. Porter

Miss Susie Bird

Mrs. Liz Porter is beloved assistant secretary.  She works mostly with attendance, but will do anything to help everyone in the school.  She is great with technology and is an excellent problem solver. We would not survive without Mrs. Porter.

On the weekend, she likes to garden and spend time in her yard. She loves the fall when she can harvest her garden and fruit. She likes to go to the movies with her husband and go shopping with her daughter. She also likes to do home projects like redecorating.

Mrs. Porter would choose to have lunch with Thor or Superman

When asked who is your favorite teacher, Mrs. Porter answered, “I had many good teachers growing up but the best teacher's were the ones that cared about me, encouraged me to read and go to college.”

If given $1000 - what would you buy? “A trip to San Diego or Hawaii, I love to go to the beach and boogie board or body surf.”

At karaoke night, Mrs. Porter would sing Livin on a pray by Bon Jovi

Who or what inspires you? “My religion inspires me to be better and to think of others. I love having service opportunities and helping others.”

Share a memory or two of school: “I went to school in California. My elementary school was called El Descanso and it was across the street from my house. Everyday I would walk to school and my cat would walk with me and then would eventually go home. We did the Presidential Fitness Program and every year I would work hard to meet tall the different requirements to pass, the pull ups were always hard for me to do so I would do the flex arm hang, ask your parents about that.”

What is the best thing about your job? “I love working here at Brookside. My favorite part is seeing all the Brookside students being kind to each other and working hard in their classrooms. I love helping students and parents with whatever they need during the day.”


  • Pizza: pepperoni and black olive
  • book/author: Sarah Eden
  • Ice cream: pistachio
  • Sport: Wallyball
  • Color: Coral
  • Snack: pistachios
  • Zoo Animal: Otter
  • Recess game: Hand Ball

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6th Annual Business & Education Partnership Awards

Mrs Beckert

Our principal Mrs. Beckert went to a breakfast today honoring one of our students parents, Mr. Nick Welsch, for his business: Gameday Promos. He has provided tshirts for students and staff members here at an inexpensive price throughout the years. Because of his generosity, and that of other local businesses, students at Brookside received a school t-shirt from the PTA at no cost to them. 

Thank you Gameday Promos and Mr. Welsch!

Chief Martinez's Message: Say No to Drugs!

Miss Bird

We had an awesome Red Ribbon this week!  Our awesome students dressed up and showed their school spirit every day! 

We ended the week with our Chief of police, Chief Martinez, speaking with the students about staying away from drugs, alcohol and tobacco. He also talked about bullying. He said that being a better friend and standing up for himself and for what he believes in, is what is important. It only takes one person to stand up for what you believe in and others, who may be scared,  can follow. Chief Martinez asked several students what they wanted to be when they grew up.  He said that if we use alcohol, drugs and tobacco, they can ruin dreams these dreams and many more. 

He said, If you want to see your future, show me your friends. Choose good friends that will help you say no to drugs and alcohol. Surround yourself with good friends. Thank you, Chief Martinez! #brooksidetigers #tigerpride #brooksidestudents #DiscoverPowerWithin #nebohero #NeboSchoolDistrict #studentsuccess #empowerstudents #engagestudents #focusonstudents #loveUTpublicschools #utpol #uted #ThankATeacher #LoveTeaching #iteachtoo

Brookside Praise Note Students For Nov 1, 2019

Mrs. Beckert

Mati DeLlamas, Cooper Baker, Scarlett Robinson, BrynnLee Hart, Owen Dietz, Kayla Crawford, and Charlotte Brady helped set up Mrs. Hall's classroom and helped get students to and from the bus, Bridger Pinnel set some awesome goals for himself and has been working very hard to accomplish them, Kyle Eves has been working hard to make good choices and to have a positive attitude, Carson Christian has a positive attitude even when it's hard, Talia Sroufe always is on task and does what is asked of her, Ben Smith is a problem solver, he found a solution to a problem that helped the entire class, Christian Tenney works hard to do his best and tries tohelp others do their best too, Quin Clegg understands what respect means and is always respectful to his classmates and teacher, Caden Elias never shouts out, Kaison Copeland is kind with who ever he sits by, Rafael Enciso is improving in writing, Zoe Mortensen always has a positive attitude, Phillip Brown is always doing his best and is a great example to his peers, Savannah Wells is always looking around and seeing who she can help, Lili Bauer and Kellayn Mitchell helped Mrs. Pickering pick up her candy and Halloween supplies when she dropped it. 

Thanks students, we appreciate all your excellent examples, hard work and kindness!

Say Boo to Drugs!

Miss Susie Bird

We had an spooky Halloween here at Brookside!  We had lots of fun figuring out all the costumes, parading around for the parents, class parties and watching the 6th grade perform Thriller (it's on our Instagram page).  We hope everyone had a fa-boo-lous day!

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