November Tigers of the Month


Tigers of the Month for November were 1st Grade:Mia Ollerton, Stafford Small, Brisa Ruiz and Imogen Weight.  2nd Grade: David Sanders, Geovanny Tienda, Sonny Marshall, Riley Hoffman, Brynlee Johnson and Gwenyth Fales. 3rd Grade: Noah Harding, Liesel Scott, Maggie Brooks and Aless Garcia.  4th Grade: Stephanie Orozco, Lofi Mavae, Sophie Laing and Kate Peterson.  5th Grade: Emma Messenger, Adison Green and Kelvin Tienda.  6th Grade: Jakob Morrison, Sydni Johnson, Allison Stocking and Ryan Witney.

Congratulations! Thanks for being outstanding examples to everyone at Brookside!


Indian Day in Kindergarten


Kindergarten children prepared for Indian Day by making headbands.

On Indian Day children  ground corn, planted corn seeds, strung salt dough beads that they had made earlier, sewed pouches, ate cornbread and practiced their hunting skills with their mini bow and arrows.  It was a memorial day for everyone.

Young Scientists

Susan Bird

Miss Roach's and Miss Bird's fifth grade classes have been studying matter in Science.  They have learned about solids, liquids and gases; atoms and molecules, mixtures and solutions; physical and chemical changes; and polymers.  We ended the unit with three fun experiments:  Mystery Powders, making GAK, and growing salt crystals.

Learning to Compare Numbers


Second graders have been developing a deeper number sense by learning about place value, composing and decomposing numbers and by comparing numbers. Students compared numbers by building 3 digit numbers using base ten blocks. The students then used an alligators mouth to show if the number on the left was "greater than", "less then" or "equal" to the number on the rights. 

Clara's Nut Cracker

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The Academy of Ballet visited Brookside, on Friday, December 5th.  They presented Clara’s Nut Cracker as well as other holiday themed dances. One lucky student was presented with their very own Nut Cracker. This was a fantastic opportunity for students to get a taste of the Nutcracker Ballet.

Christmas Around the World


On Friday, December 5th second graders took a field trip to BYU.  The students were treated to a performance of BYU's Christmas Around the World.  The students loved it!

Brenda Wesson Selected as 2014 School Psychologist of the Year

Lana Hiskey
Wesson on the left

The Fall 2014 Utah Association of School Psychologists recently honored two Nebo people. Brenda Wesson was selected as the 2014 School Psychologist of the Year and Kim Lowe, student, was selected as t the 2014 School Psychology Student of the Year by the Utah Association of School Psychologists. 

Congratulations for Being the Magic in Nebo School District.


3rd Grade Puts on a Show!

Crystal Spencer
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The 3rd graders held a performance for students and parents on November 19th.  It was a readers theater based on a children's book called, "Double Trouble in Walla Walla" by, Andrew Clements.  The 3rd graders worked hard learning songs and some "crazy dazy" lines! They had the audience laughing and did a truly magnificent job!

Learning About Religion

Ashley Roberts

We are learning about the 5 major world religions in social studies.  We learned about Mandalas and how early religions as well as religions today express their beliefs in the art work of mandalas.  There are still mandalas in churches and religions today!  The mandalas are a way to learn your own heart.  The main shape in a mandala is a circle.  Circles are seen in many things, life cycles, planets, moons, everything circles around the center of the universe. We learned how to draw/design our own mandalas.  It was a lot of fun to watch how each mandala was unique to each student no two mandalas were the same.