October Tigers of the Month

Eric Gappmayer

Tigers of the Month for October were 1st Grade: Andrew Olson, Kyle Divine, Ella Whatcott and Haydyn Woodland. 2nd Grade: Tyler Truscott, Alaynia Forbush, Jocelyn Oakey, Kayden Bjarnson, Eli Whiting and Brigham Yeagley. 3rd Grade: Joaquin Diaz, Dallin Kilgrow, Cressida Roper and Kira Francom. 4th Grade:  Melanie Shalvis, Abbie Burris, Ben Elder and Avery Oman. 5th Grade: Oakley Toelupe, Kade DeLlamas and Trevor Grover.  6th Grade: Addison Arevalo, Maia Kentjana Putra, William Holloway and Jocelyn Juarez.

Congratulations! Thanks for being terrific examples to everyone at Brookside! 

Clark Planetarium Pays Brookside a Visit

Amber Hobbs

We would like to give a big thank you to Clark planetarium for coming and doing an amazing presentation for the fourth, fifth, and sixth graders. Every single student was intrigued the entire time. 

Halloween Safety

Brenna - Sixth Grade Student Council

On Thursday, a Springville Police Officer came to Brookside to tell us how to stay safe on Halloween, and a little bit about staying away from drugs. Each of the classes in the school chose a few questions that he could answer for us, and they were very good questions. A question that got asked a lot was, "How do you know if your candy is safe?" He told us to ask our parents if it would be safe before eating it. He told us to never go trick-or-treating alone, and to always watch for cars. It was a good learning experience for all of our students and it was very fun. 

Halloween at Brookside!

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Halloween was an exciting day full of learning, fun and festivites.  Students and Faculty participated in many different activites throughout the day ranging from class parties, themed lessons, and school wide parade.  Take a minute to look at all the photos showing the goings on throughout the school. Everyone had a great time! 

Kindergarten is excited for Halloween

Paula Hylton

Kindergarten children are getting excited about the Halloween season by reading their haunted house books and practicing their beginning reading skills.

Pumpkins! Pumpkins! Pumpkins!

Bridgette Sahlin
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We would like to give a big shout out to Harward Farms for creating magic for the students at Brookside Elementary. Yesterday every student went home with a pumpkin gerously donated by Harward Farms.

University of Utah's Museum on the Move Visits 4th Grade

LeAnn Andrews

On October 13th, Brookside's 4th graders got a visit from the University of Utah's Geology department.  They introduced us to rocks and minerals.  We were able to explore and have hands on with some great rocks and minerals.

Learning to be Leaders

Alicia Rudd

Our student council attended a conference this week at BYU.  They learned how to become leaders and different ways to make a difference at our school.  It was a fun day!

Carly Cash of K-Bull 93 Pays Brookside a Visit

Carly Cash of "The Morning Moo Crew" paid Brookside a visit today.  She recorded five different classrooms saying The Pledge of Allegiance.  These recordings will be played throughout the month of November.  Please refer to the list below to find out the dates and times each classes patriotic recording will be played on K-Bull 93 FM.

Nov. 3rd - 8:00: Mrs. Bird's First Grade

Nov. 7th - 8:00: Miss Sahlin's Second Grade

Nov. 13th - 8:00: Miss Bird's Fifth Grade

Nov. 19th - 8:00: Miss Roach's Fifth Grade

Nov. 25th - 8:00: Mrs. Makin's Sixth Grade

Sonic Night

Bridgette Sahlin

Students, parents and teachers came to Springville Sonic to support a great cause...Brookside Elementary.  Part of the proceeds from Tuesday, October 7th's sales were donated to the school.  Everyone enjoyed friends, food and games.  Even Miss Spencer's Dog Gus Guss joined in on the fun.