Celebrating a Job Well Done!

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Mrs. Rudd holds a very large Python
Mrs. Rudd holds a very large Python
Students receive prizes
Teachers transformed into mummies and dance to YMCA
Teachers transformed into mummies and dance to YMCA
Teachers transformed into mummies and dance to YMCA
Teachers transformed into mummies and dance to YMCA
Students Pop for Dollars
Students Pop for Dollars
Students Pop for Dollars
Student Council members turned into ice cream sundaes
Student Council members turned into ice cream sundaes
Student Council members turned into ice cream sundaes
Student Council members turned into ice cream sundaes

Students raiser over $10, 000 during the annual Brookside Read-A-Thon Fundraiser.  Students were asked to read as much as they could for an entire week.  Friends, family & neighbors made very generous donations based on the number of minutes read.  

As an insentive to read and bring in donations Mrs. Rudd, the school principal, told student she would face her fear of holding a very large snake if the goal was met.  Students exceeded everyone's expectaions and Mrs. Rudd kept her word.  During an assembly to recognize top readers and earners, Mrs. Rudd held a very large python.  

During this same assembly many students earned prizes (donated my community members) such as pogo sticks, movies, footballs, Studio C appareal.  One lucky student even won a WiiU.  Top reader's from each grade were rewarded with a special lunch at Magleby's with Mrs. Rudd. 

Other special events that happened during the assembly:

  • Several teachers were turned into toilet paper mummies. They then danced to YMCA in front of the entire school.
  • Student council members were turned into ice cream sundaes. 
  • Two students from each grade "Pop for Dollars."  Students popped balloons filled with cash.  

The fundraiseer was a great success! 

Mrs. Wirf's Class Meets a Python


Mrs. Wirf's 4th grade class raised the most money during the school fundraiser.  Because of that, their reward was that they got to meet a python!

3rd Graders Love to Sing


The third grade students love to sing. They have loved learning about history through music.  Students performed many patriotic songs to demonstrate their learning of the history of our country.  

Second Grade Makes Butter

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Second graders have been studying matter.  They perfomed many experiments to investigate all the properties of matter.  To demonstrate how matter can change states, students turned heavy whipping cream into butter.  To investigate how heat can be used to change matter students popped popcorn using air, microwaves and a hot surface.  Students learned matter can can state, but can never be destroyed.  

February Tiger's of the Month


Tigers of the Month for February were 1st Grade: Michael Fulkerson, Reese Nelson, Jens Cutler, Brigham Yeagley, Madoc Jones and Christine Cardenas.  2nd Grade:  Ben Fernandez, Caleb Mecham, Cressida Roper and Grace Larson. 3rd Grade: Zachary Simpson, Victor Rojas, Sky Giles and Abigail McCleery. 4th Grade: Londyn McMurdie, Andrew Austin, Kade LeFevre and Adison Green.   5th Grade: Adelyn Laing, Conner Jensen, McKay Francom and Justin Jones. 6th Grade: William Francom, Abby Carlton and Parker Stewart.

Thanks for showing your Tiger Pride!

First Grade Experiments with Push and Pull

Cars moving on different surfaces
High Ramps & Low Ramps
Button Yo Yo
Ping Ping Ball Maze

In centers, first graders experiment with push and pull.  

In one center students had to use their air to push the ping pong ball through the maze.

In another center the students make a button yoyo.  If you twirl the button around the string and then pull and push the string, the button will work like a yoyo.

In a different center they experimented with ramps to see how a high and low ramp would make the car move faster or slower.

In the last center they tried to make cars move on different surfaces to see which surface the cars could move faster or slower on.  They found out that the carpet was the hardest surface to move their cars on.  

They had a lot of fun experimenting with the fun forces of push and pull.

January Tiger's of the Month

Tigers of the Month for January were 1st Grade: Marisa Betts, Brinlee Remington, Sonny Marshall, Kisina Afemui, Hailey Mohler and Rachel Schmutz.  2nd Grade: Kalena Hanohano, Brent Alegria, Porter Jones, Lorelei Hansen and Dakota Gilbert.  3rd Grade: Sadie Crandall, Melanie Shalvis, Tyson Blades and Harrison Childs. 4th Grade:  Ella Stewart, Mason Smith, Cole Clement and Kennedy Anderson.  5th Grade: Daniel Harrison, Allie Tranchell, Jocelyn Juarez and Ethan Wlaker. 6th Grade: Alex Furner, Stockton Nelson and Kate Southern.

Congratulations! Thanks for showing off your Tiger Pride!


National Handwriting Day

In honor of John Hancock, January 23rd is National Handwriting Day.
All the third grade signed their "John Hancocks and displayed the
poster on the main hall.   (for the website. I've sent copies of both
classes to Heather Benson.  And thanks for telling me to use my IPad.
This is so much easier!