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Praise Note Students At Brookside Elementary

Mrs. Dana Beckert

Corbin Moore got the classroom set up first thing in the morning, Josh Creer is nice to everyone around him, McKenzie Cooper is always doing her best and helping her classmates, Finleigh Lyman is a great friend and hard working, Kami Hill showed Tiger Pride by helping pick up litter outside, Holister ChurnTavia Gallagher, Raegan Walker, Gracie Anderson, and Zoie Curtis helped other students pick up trash to be helpful,  Alexandria Oman organized the class library and is an amazing leader, Alex Woodward tries to settle down when he's asked, Tyler Fay works hard to pass off math facts, Korgan Howell is trying hard to do neater work, Avery Glover does her best, Angelina Love picked up trash that she saw another student leave to make sure our school grounds are clean, and Emma Archer is a good friend and helps others. 

Thank you Burger King for the free kids meals for the student award.

Mrs. Beckert's Monday Message For May 7, 2018

Mrs. Dana Beckert

Dear Parents   Happy Monday!

Here is just a reminder from our current PTA President:

As the school year comes to a close, I would like to thank parents for all of the support that has been provided to the PTA. Many of you know that I have served as President for two years, and as per PTA bylaws, my board is unable to serve another term. We need to turn over the reins to a new board. PTA does so many wonderful things for Brookside Elementary, such as:

Providing School T Shirts, Reflections, No Screen Week, SEP Dinners for Teachers, Red Ribbon Week, Year Books, Book Fair, Dad’s and Donuts, And more!!!

These awesome programs and activities happen BECAUSE of PTA.  They enrich your student’s experience at Brookside, and they also offer support to Teachers and Staff.

As President, I have been unable to fill my position for the upcoming 2018-19 school year. Most programs and activities have chair people who will run them next year, but we still need a President (or Co -Presidents)who can step in and make sure these activities happen for our students.

If you have been thinking of volunteering, NOW IS THE TIME! PTA is a very rewarding volunteer experience. I have loved every minute of my time as President.

Please contact me if you are interested in serving on the PTA board for next year. I would hate for our children to miss out on all of the many things that PTA has to offer!   801-427-3980

Also, just a reminder about next year’s class request information:

Regarding requests and special considerations for the next school year, I ask that parents who would like to share a request or other information with me regarding their child’s class placement, to please come to the school’s front office during the request window of May 14-25 to receive and fill out a request form. Forms will include specific guidelines regarding the request process. In order for a request to be accepted, it must be completed according to the guidelines, have a secretary’s signature approving the form, and must be received by a member of our office staff during the request window (May 14-25). Forms will not be sent home. I will consider the gathered information along with other academic and school information as I work to create classes that are balanced according to range of student ability, behaviors, gender, and the number of students. If you have any questions, please visit with me or a member of the school’s office staff.

Thank you! Dana Beckert


Superstar Track Meet Held At Maple Mountain High School Thursday, May3rd

Mrs. Mijken Hall
Brookside Elementary Student. Ollie Seaton

Check out this link below to Fox 13 news to see our awesome Brookside special needs superstars

The Superstars Track Meet held at Maple Mountain High School on Wednesday, May 3 was a success! The track meet is specifically designed for students with special needs. Mrs. Hall's class of students ages kindergarten to 4th grade were in attendance and all won medals! We are appreciative of the Nebo School District Special Education Department and Maple Mountain High School's Coach Boyack for providing these students with such an uplifting and memorable experience.

Mrs. Beckert's Monday Message

Mrs. Dana Beckert

Monday, April 30, 2018

Dear Parents,

It is hard to believe that tomorrow is the first day of May! Here are some important announcements for this week:

  • The 4th grade track meet has been rescheduled for Thursday, May 3rd due to the high chance of rain on Wednesday.

  • Thursday, May 3rd, we will be having our 3rd through 6th grade choir concert. It will be held at 4:00 pm in the school auditorium. There will not be a morning practice that day and students should meet in room 19 for a final practice right after school. Students should wear blue or red.

  • Thank you for all your support of our jump-a-thon. It was a great success. The students had a great time being active and earning prizes. We appreciate our PTA and all they do!

Please let me know if you have any questions.

Have a great week,

Dana Beckert


5th Grade Field Trip To Camp Floyd

Miss Susie Bird

On March 30, the fifth grade traveled to Fairfield for a field trip to Camp Floyd.  The students had the opportunity to learn about the Civil War and learn about the history of Johnson's Army.  They made adobe bricks and dipped candles.  They rode in the Pony express, attended school in 1861 and visited the commissary and the Stagecoach Inn. We found out that our presenter, Mr. Mark Trotter, was retiring that day.  It was his last field trip and we had the honor.  KSL was there to honor this man and had a feature on him on the news.  Here is the link:

Brookside Elementary Praise Note Students

Mrs. Dana Beckert

Mary Finlayson always puts in her best efforts as a student, friend and helper, Andres Solorio helped other students by setting up the computer lab for SAGE testing, Trygve Stewart works hard and is thoughful, Lydia Steiner always is looking for ways to help our class and our school, Samantha Steiner took time before school to help set up the computer lab, Katara Penrod really is on top of her work and has a great attitude, Brock Mickelson is a great friend in class and on the playground, Sidney Brooks set up the computer lab for other classes before school, Paytan Paxton is always ready to learn, Juliet LeSueur chose to pick up trash on the playground during recess, Addi Child used her own time to clean up the playground, Kera Patterson took the initiative to practice more on her math facts, Sami DeLlamas decided to use recess time to clean and pick up the playground, Mia Ollerton chose to pick up trash during recess, Alexandria Oman always keeps cheering on her fellow classmates, Bella Esplin is the best helper any teacher could ask for this year! 

These students showed true TIGER PRIDE! Way to go!!!! Thank you Daylight Donuts for the free Doughnuts