3rd Grade Cursive Writing Awards

Mitchell Schobert and Saul Chavez
Brett Williams and Katie Harlow

3rd grade cursive awards this year, go to Mitchell Schobert and Saul Chavez in Mrs. Evans AM class and Brett Williams and Katie Harlow in her PM class.  These students have shown excellence in cursive by writing the Pledge of Allegiance. 

Holiday Sing Along


Students participated in a school wide holiday sing along on December 20th.  Each grade level prepared a song or two to perform for the entire school. In closing, each grade sang in the round two verses of The Twelve Days of Christmas.  As students left the PTA presented each student with a Christmas orange.  This is becoming one of the students favorite traditions at Brookside.

5th Grade Shines as They Sing!


The Fifth graders shined in their Christmas performance on December 13, 2013.  The students have worked really hard to learn their songs and their parts for the program.  The program went off without a hitch.  They were absolutely amazing.  

November Tiger's Of The Month

Tigers of the Month for October were 1st Grade: Jack Williams, Joel Orozco, Paige Blackburn, Ruby Aquino, Madelyn Walker, Brynlee Johnson.  2nd Grade: Aubrie Tranchell, Easton Barrett, Emma Lopez, Luke Killpack. 3rd Grade: Ellie Esplin, Alex Acero, Cypruss Hiatt, Isaac Norton. 4th Grade: Travis Gage, Johann Orozco, Nick Jackson, Oakley Toelupe.  5th Grade:  Carson Reilly, Caleb Brand, Helen Tulley, Hayden Antonino.  6th Grade: Aspen Stewart, Breanna Eves, Monnique Hungmany.

Congratulations! Thanks for showing your tiger pride!



Indian Day


Brookside kindergarten classes celebrated Indian Day November 22nd

Learning To Read In Kindergarten


Mrs V's kindergarten class enjoys guided reading instruction.  While the students work in different learning centers, small groups receive direct reading instruction.

Being Prepared for Anything


Throughout the month of November students at Brookside have been learning about things they can do to prevent and prepare for a disaster.

The Brookside PTA partnered with The American Red Cross to promote "Get Ready Utah."  A program designed to educate and prepare students for the many types of disasters Utah could face.

During an assembly on Monday, November 18th students were shown different items they should include in an emergency kit, the damage a house could see during an earthquake and the importance of being prepared for any type of disaster.

Students were surprised when the "Be Ready Utah" Bumblebee showed up.  He awarded "Master's of Disaster" diplomas to all the teachers.  

Students were given "Be Ready Utah" backpacks to help start their own 72 hour kits.  Each pack included a Family Communication Plan, a "Be Red Cross Ready" checklist, a "Be Ready Utah" sticker, a pocket first aid kit and a color changing pencil. 

A Second Grade Thanksgiving Feast

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On Thursday, November 14th second graders celebrated the first Thanksgiving.  Students feasted in their classrooms on placemats they had weaved and then had laminated.  All of the second grade have been learning about the voyage over on the Maylower, the life of the Pilgrims and Wampanoag Indian.

Mad Scientists


Miss Bird's fifth graders have been hard at work learning about the states of matter.  They have been involved in many experiments including, making salt crystals, testing mystery powders and making gak.  The students have had fun learning and experiment.

Veteran's Day Celebration in Mrs. Sayer's Class

Article and Photos by Gillian Sayers

Mrs. Sayers 5th and 6th graders are practicing persuasive writing. For November their assignment was to write a persuasive letter to the principal encouraging the celebration of Veterans Day.

After Mrs. Rudd read the letters the class was given the assignment to follow through and celebrate Veterans Day. They made a purple heart and filled it with hugs and kisses.

 Local veterans were invited and the students presented a recitation of The Lighthouse and presented a card to each veteran. The Veterans shared their experiences with the students and everyone had a great learning experience.