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Spotlight - Mrs. Vivi Ferro

Submitted by susan.bird on Wed, 11/16/2022 - 09:35

We are so excited to have a new assistant secretary, Mrs. Vivi Ferro.  She is one of the friendly faces that you meet as you enter the office.  She is willing to help and goes above and beyond to ensure that students and teachers are taken care of and have what they need.  We are so excited to have Mrs.

Native American Presentation

Submitted by susan.bird on Wed, 11/02/2022 - 16:53

The Title VI program came to our school today to talk with our fourth graders about  Native American history. The presentation covered a variety of topics, including: the different tribes, the Iroquois Nations, the first Thanksgiving, foods that origins of food that we eat today started with the Native Americans, Plains Indians and being resourceful. They also talked about medicine (also things like syringes and baby bottles), many games that we play today originated with the Native Americans. We learned that LaCrosse is a sacred game. 


Submitted by susan.bird on Wed, 11/02/2022 - 16:42

We had a very happy Halloween at Brookside Elementary. Kids and teachers dressed up in a variety of costumes. It was so fun to see everyone. It was a day filled with fun, parties and our parade. 

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Red Ribbon Week

Submitted by susan.bird on Fri, 10/28/2022 - 15:37

This past week was our Red Ribbon week. We had lots of fun with all the dress up days to help us be drug and bully free. There were a lot of activities happening all week. There was a donut eating contest, guess the candy in jars, a door decorating contest and a whole lot more. 

Spotlight - Mrs. Tiffany Whitney

Submitted by susan.bird on Fri, 10/28/2022 - 08:26

Today, we are spotlighting our new head secretary, Mrs. Tiffany Whitney.  Before coming to Brookside, Mrs. Whitney worked at Meadow Brook Elementary.  We are so lucky to have Mrs. Whitney at Brookside.  She is the first person you see as you enter the office and she always greets you with a smile!

Thanks Jakers!

Submitted by tiffany.whitney on Thu, 10/27/2022 - 12:34

Jaker's Pumpkin Patch is the Best! Thanks for bring ALL of our students Pumpkins! So much fun! They loved it! 


Brookside Elementary Office

Earthquake Structures

Submitted by susan.bird on Thu, 10/27/2022 - 11:46

Our 5th Graders constructed seismically sound structures for our earthquake simulation. This activity is part of our Landform Patterns Unit in Science.

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Mrs. Tammy Smith