3rd Grade Program

MS. Wertner

The third graders at Brookside worked hard under the direction of Mrs.Bird  to put on the program this year. They spent a lot of time learning and practicing songs about the history of our Country. Each student had a special line they worked hard to memorize and say during the program. We had fun learning more about our country as we proudly sang songs about it. Their hard work paid off and they did an awesome job performing! 

Dad's and Donuts

Mrs. Hobbs
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It is such a fun tradition to have Dad's and Donuts at Brookside! We had a wonderful turn out this year. It was hard to get down the halls with all the parents and grandparents reading to their students. We love having such wonderful parent support! 

February Tigers of the Month!

Mr. Gappmayer

February Tigers of the Month

First Grade: Colby Hallett, Tayler Christensen, Elizabeth Brown, Porter Yeagley, Jaxon Beckstrom, Maya Bentil

Second Grade: Olivia Milligan, Gracie Anderson, Daxton Pinnel, Alexis Moore

Third Grade: Jonny Tenney, Teagan Farrer, Victoria Yetter, Joel Arbon, Edie Wilde, Kate Smith

Fourth Grade: Cristal Lopez, Easton Barrett, Talia Tanner

Fifth Grade: Saul Chavez, Max Lyman, Katie Harlow

Sixth Grade: Seth Rigtrup, Maren Farrer, Andrew Garza


100th Day of School!

Ms. Packard

On Monday, February 1, 2016 the first grade classes celebrated the 100th day of school. 100 days of first grade has really aged us! We loved celebrating our 100th day of school and reflecting on how smart we've become! 

Groundhog Day Predictions

Ms. Christensen

On February 2nd we learned about Groundhog's Day.  The students predicted if the groundhog would see his shadow or not and wrote a paper on it.  Then for math we made a picture graph of the predictions. The majority of my students predicted he wouldn't see his shadow and spring would come early. They were right! The groundhog didn't see his shadow, so we hope spring comes early this year.

January Pirate Pride Assembly

Mrs. Hobbs

The Pirate Pride assemblies have been such a fun school tradition this year. The captains of the month of January were Ms. White, Mrs. Broussard, and Mrs. Hall's classroom aides. They are great examples that everyone at Brookside can look up too. The crews of the month were: Mrs. Pulley's PM, Mrs. Gonzalez class, and Mrs. Hall's class. The Pirates of the month were: Sharlyn Moreno, Travis Nord, Parker Young, Quinn Root, Tyler Truscott, Pryse Emerson, David Hansen, Jaxon Beckstrom, Kahekili Wayas, Oakley Mortensen, Baylee Jenkins, Kandence Allgood, Yadira Aguilar, Nathalia Estrada, Christopher Ruiz, and Kyle Divine. Keep up the great work Brookside!! 

January Tigers of the Month

Mr. Gappmeyer

January Tigers of the Month

First Grade: Malani Kavwe, A.J. Carpenter, Devon Levengood, Owen Prestwich, Layla Miller, and Caroline Felix

Second Grade: Kim Barker, Olivia Larson, Addilyn Child, and Braden Brooks

Third Grade: Gancarlo Corona, Taven Castillo, Hyrum Clavero, Julia Caldwell, Scarlet Fullmer, and Willis Austin

Fourth Grade: Jackson Blackburn, Zoie Erickson, and Harrison Petersen

Fifth Grade: Elli Hansen, Aileen Ferrari, and Alek Hernandez

Sixth Grade: Lizzie Southern, Shelby Ashton, and Travis Gage


Learning all about Rocks!

Mrs. Pulley
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Mrs. Pulley's Kindergarten class learned all about rocks this past week.  We learned that some rocks come from volcanoes and then watched an episode of The Magic School Bus that told us all about the process!  Other rocks have layers that you can see.  We learned that some rocks can be colorful, others are sparkly. Sometimes, you might be able to find a fossil in a rock; other times there might be crystals inside.To end our rock unit, on Friday, we all brought our very own rocks to school.  We sorted them into shapes, colors, size; and at the end of the day we wrote a class rock book.  Each student made a page about the rock that they brought to school. By the end of the week, several of us decided to start our very own rock collections!

Marshmallow Shapes

Mrs. Jorgensen

Mrs. Jorgensen's 2nd graders are having fun making solid shapes from toothpicks and marshmallows.  They got very creative with how big and small they could make their shapes.