PTA Service Award

The Brookside PTA selects a person from the school community each year for the PTA Service Award.  This year they naturally chose an outstanding teacher; Darla Stapel.   She team teaches 2nd grade and is an icon of the school. Thank you Mrs. Staple.

Miss Sahlin Receives Grant for iPad Mini


The following is statement made by Miss Sahlin:I am so thankful for the Nebo Education Foundation and their willingness to support the use of technology in the classroom. They have helped add another iPad and avenue for learning into the hands of my students. Their support has helped to create a more engaging environment.  I believe students will be more motivated in their learning. Having the use of an iPad will allow them to research topics they are curious about, practice different skills and bring their own creations to life. 
The struggling readers in my class will enhance their phonics instruction by utilizing many different phonics and reading apps available for education. Many students will use the iPad to help in the memorization of math facts. The majority of my students will be using the iPad to play math games to support their math understanding. 



2nd Grade Goes to Farm Field Days

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2nd Graders took a field trip to Farm Field Days on Friday, April 4th.  Before heading to the farm students made a stop at Spring Creek Park to run, play, explore and enjoy a picnic lunch.  

After arriving at Farm Field Days, an annual event put on by Utah State University's Agriculture in the Classroom program, students learned about many aspects of agriculture.  Students saw a sheep being sheared, a talking tomato, a honey bee hive and many other interesting facets of farming.  Over the last 20 years this annual event has taught over 20,000 second graders about agriculture.

It was a great day and everyone enjoyed their time at the farm!





Researching the Presidents

Stephanie Wilber

Student in Mrs. Wilber and Mrs. Smith's class have been learning all about the United States presidents. They have researched their president, written paper on their president, and are presenting to the classes all about their president. We have all learned some interesting and fun facts about United States Presidents.

Fifth Graders Hard Work Pays Off


The Fifth Graders earned their way to the Provo Rec Center.  The fifth graders had to work hard, complete their assignments, and  show respect to others to attend this field trip.  And, it was worth it.  They played basketball, racquetball, pickle ball, and volley ball.  They also rock climbed.  Then, in the afternoon, they got to go swimming, slide, and jump off rocks.  The students, parents and teachers had a blast!

March Tiger's of the Month


Tigers of the Month for March were 1st Grade: Gwenyth Fales, Cobi Blackburn, Jeryck McCoy, Raini Warren, Finleigh Lyman.   2nd Grade: Natalie Ellis, Esmeralda Luna, Noah Harding, Jacob Hallett.  3rd Grade: Georgia Wilde, Preston Hone, Chris Poole, Jeston Jacobson.  4th Grade: Carson Grover, Maren Farrer, Cheyenne Skinner, Jaxyn Ovard.  5th Grade: Clark Warren, Sydni Johnson, Ashley Schobert, Ty Elder.  6th Grade: Sydney Tolley, Evelyn Ethington, Emeline Harty.

Way to show others your Tiger Pride!


Keeping Our School Clean

First grader Alayna Forbush is keeping our school clean. She is Tammy Smith's class.

Many students at Brookside have taken it upon themselves to keep our school clean.  Students can often be found sacrificing their recess to pick up trash off the playground.  They even bring their own bags from home to collect it in.  

Miss Bird's Class Experiments with Static Electricity

Susan Bird

The fifth graders in Miss Bird's class are learning about static electricity.  They got to try several experiments with balloons.  They rubbed the balloons on their hair, they raised little men off their desks, they made paper dance, stuck balloons to walls and much more