The 100th Day of School


We celebrated the 100th Day of School on Friday, January 30. Students brought so many fun things to count, classify, and share. This activity helps our first graders learn to count by tens to 100!

Discovery Gateway: The Reaction Time Assembly

Susan Bird

The fifth graders received a visit from Discovery Gateway.  The Reaction Time assembly taught the students about physical and chemical changes.  Our presenter, Skye, showed the kids what would happen if they set certain chemicals on fire, different kids of acid and bases in cabbage juice, what goes on inside Mrs. Rudd's stomach, and introduced the students to Freddy.  The student's also participated in a lab where they were able to mix solids and liquids to test the chemical and physical reactions. 

Reading Together

Amber Hobbs
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Mrs. Hobbs fourth grade class and Mr. Anderson's second grade class got together to buddy read. They took turns reading books to each other. It was a lot of fun

January Tigers of the Month


Tigers of the Month for January were 1st Grade: Cash Bradley, Emma Beckstrom, Savannah Boyd and Jazmin Menjivar. 2nd Grade: Laura Ledford, Finleigh Lyman, Jeremy Franco, Lexie Antonino, Kamry Clement and Ethan Dover. 3rd Grade: Kaden Harris, Clara Mohlman, Aubrie Tranchell and Luke Killpack.  4th Grade: Sarah Mitchell, Connor Harding, Brooks Thorpe and Quinn Levengood. 5th Grade: Halle Fales, Ella Stewart and Jocelyn Linan.  6th Grade: Ammon Key, Nicole Fernandez, Mekenzie Rogerson and Brenna Carlton.

Congratulations! Thanks for being outstanding examples to everyone at Brookside!


Fourth Grade Eats Soil

Amber Hobbs

Science today in Mrs. Hobbs fourth grade consisted of eating soil... Edible soil that it

Exploring Gravity in Second Grade


Second grade students have gained an understanding of gravity by reading books, watched video and perfomed experiments that allow them observe falling objects and identify things that prevent them from reaching the ground. They have communicated these observations that similar objects of varying masses fall at the same rate through class discussions and journal entries.  

Students perfomed an experiment in which they dropped different objects from the same height at the same time to gain a deeper understanding of gravity.

Ronald McDonald Encourages to "Get Caught Reading"


Ronald McDonald has been bringing joy to children for decades and is actively involved in teaching valuable lessons to kids through a variety of programs and interactive skits.  Ronald McDonald visited students at Brookside to share four important messages. They are :

  • Books are our friends because they help us to learn.
  • Reading is more fun when you read with excitement!
  • The library is a great place to find all kinds of books.
  • We should always take care of books


Brookside Sing Along


Before taking off for the Winter Break students at Brookside came together for a sing along.  Students sang holiday favorite such as Must Be Santa, Holly Jolly Christmas, You're a Mean One Mr. Grinch and The 12 Days of Christmas.