Mrs. Hobbs

The Captains of the month of September were Mrs. Hoffman, Mrs. Morrison, and Mrs. Stapel. They are all wonderful examples to the teachers and students at Brookside elementary. The crews of the month were: Ms. Bradford's class, Mrs. Clark's class, Mrs. Evans class, Mrs. Andrews class, and Mrs. Wirfs class. For the pirates of the month we had: Brisa Ruiz, Lydia Steiner, Quincee Welsch, Will Hansen, Lydia Brown, Lorelei Hansen, Benson Rigtrup, and Emily Naylor. Our October pirate pride goals are cleanest restroom, 90% homework turned in, and best computer class.

Miss Bradford's third grade class recently got their hands on (and in) some Play-Doh.

Miss Bradford


After reading, Nana Upstairs and Nana Downstairs, written by Tomie dePaola, the students learned that Tomie dePaola likes to write about his own life experiences. Students were then given an assignment..... to write about one of their own life experiences. To help them be a bit more creative and original, as writers,  students got to create their stories in Play-Doh (before they put their stories on paper). Said one student after the activity, "Ya know why I want to be an author? Because I really knead the dough.":) 


Fifth Grade Field Trip

Ms. Bird

On September 18, the fifth graders went on a field trip to Spanish Fork Sports Park to play some team building games.  We played Human Rock Paper Scissors, Kickball, Keep the Balloon Up, Relay Races and Pass the Hula Hoop.  The students had a blast.

Bye Bye Butterfly

Mrs. Sayers

Releasing a butterfly in Mrs. Sayers class. The kids loved watching it fly off. The butterfly hatched September 18th in Mrs. Sayers class, so afterwards they got to go outside and watch it fly off.


We love Technology!!!

Miss Sahlin

Miss Sahlin's class loves adding to their classroom blog using the Chromebooks acquired through grants from the Nebo Education Foundation, school funds and contributions made on

Using allows students to respond to each other and comment on one another's posts. The kids love it!!!

Fifth Grade Scientists

Ms. Bird

The fifth graders received a visit from the Discovery Gateway Museum on Monday, September 14, 2015.  Phill Evans came to teach the students about chemical and physical changes in an assembly called Reaction Time.  The students loved the assembly and then they even got to participate by conducting a hands on lab.  The students mixed liquids and solids to discover what combination would result in a chemical reaction.

BoxTops for Brookside

Mrs. Rudd

It's hip to clip! That's right! By clipping and collecting Box Tops for Education you can earn money for the school by buying products with the symbol on them. Simply clip and turn in to your child's teacher. PTA will gather them all up on Friday. The class with the most will earn a special prize.

The 2nd graders got a surprise visitor!

Mrs. Stapel

Brookside 2nd graders have been reading stories about Henry and Mudge.  Henry is a little boy and Mudge is his dog.  On Tuesday, September 8th our  2nd Graders had a very special visitor.  It wasn't Mudge, but it was a four legged friend.  Dr. Stapel brought his poodle to school.  Her name is Kista Noelle Stapel.  She is a very cute and talented dog.  She came to show off her many tricks.  Kista had a lot of fun as she showed off all of the things she can do.  Here is a list of what she did; roll over, speak, shake hands, spin, dance, walk on her back legs, play dead, give a high 5 and a high 10 and hold treats on her nose.  The students just loved seeing her and are hoping that she will come back someday for another visit!
Thank you Dr. Stapel and Kista!