School News

UVU STEM Fair Last Week. The 4th, 5th, and 6th Grades Participated

Mrs. Tamara Smith

Our students attended the STEM (Science Technology Engineering Math) Fair last week where they rotated through different stations with hands-on activities demonstrating cool robots, a wave model, spaghetti noodle bridges, and much more! Our students are learning more about the cool things they can do in the fields of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics. This will prepare them for the future. And here are some photos and a write up about our Science visit from Discover Gateway: Fifth grade students enjoyed learning more about Chemistry and chemical reactions from the Discover Gateway Reaction Time representative. She showed them some cool experiments and then each class participated in their own chemistry experiments in a lab. We didn't blow anything up--but there was lots of foam, bubbles, and a little flame! Don't worry--we wore our safety goggles!

Give A Gift To A Refugee Child Going On Now At Brookside Elementary

Mrs. Jennifer Frahm

Here at Brookside on our tree in the office area are hand ornaments with a gift suggestion for a refugee child. We are doing this with Lifting Hands International which ships donations directly to refugee children in Jordan and Lebanon. The process is simple: Choose a hand off the tree, bring the gift back by December 20 and share the word with friends and family. Needed items are baby wipes, diapers, fleece blankets, boys underwear and girls underwear, socks, pants, and sweaters. You can visit: for more ideas on how to help. Any additional questions can be answered by Jennifer Frahm 206-353-1064.

Thanks for your support and help with this in advance.

Monday Message-December 4, 2017

Mrs. Dana Beckert

Monday, December 4, 2017

Dear Parents --

It seems like December is in full swing. Here are just a couple of reminders:

  • The 4th-6th grade choir concert will be this Wednesday, December 6th at 4:00 pm.

  • The tree in the school front foyer will be our angel tree this year. We will be collecting items for Lifting Hands International, an organization that collects, sorts and packs humanitarian aid which is shipped from Utah. Needed items will be listed on angel ornaments hung on the tree. If you would like contribute, please take an angel off the tree and bring in the item(s) printed on the ornament. There will be bins in the office for items brought in. The ornaments will be hung on the tree after December 4th and items will need to be returned by December 18th.

  • December 21st will be a half day. Students will be dismissed at 12:00 noon. There will be no PM kindergarten.

  • Christmas break is December 22nd--January 1st. School will resume on January 2nd.

Thank you!

Have a great week!  Dana Beckert


Brookside Elementary Praise Note Students For The Week Of November 27, 2017

Mrs. Dana Beckert

Our praise note recipients for this week are: Jake Simpson, Macy Riley, Garvyn Vanpatten, Avery Glover, Max Sorensen, Brock Donahue, Jacky Garcia, Cooper Bird, Giselle Camacho, Paytan Paxton, Sami Dellamas, Taycee Anderson, Brayden Smith, Halle Strong, Jeryck McCoy, Natalie Aragon, Ava Barker, Kimbal McFerson, Emma Burris, Paige Blackburn, Marcos Luna, Joel Arbon, Fisher Strong, Levi Cecil, Brigham Yeagley, Ben Orme, Simon Carreno-Cox, Aaron Narcisso, Rachel Schmutz, Cobi Blackburn, Cole Levengood, Eli Whiting, McKinley Bartholomew, James Coulon, Gavin Burr, and Juliet LeSeuer. Thank you to Brick Oven for the free kid meals as a reward for this terrific behavior.

The students were caught: staying after class cleaning out the lunch bin, helping to clean the art room, passed off addition and math facts, trying his best, works diligently, likes to help others, stayed on task during phonics, being a friend to someone in need, helped Miss. White, helped correct math quizzes, helping others in science, caught being polite and happy, excellent behavior in art class, volunteered to be a lunch worker, helped clean up after float display, helping a classmate feel included, helped clean the classroom before school, always helpful without being asked, goes out of his way to help classmates, remembers school rules, works quietly without bothering others, always a good friend, and completing his assignment on time.

Thank you to all the students here a Brookside. We know many students do great acts of kindness without being recognized. We have a great school!

Monday Message For November 27, 2017

Mrs. Dana Beckert

November 27, 2017

Dear Parents,

I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday full of family and good food!

With the holiday season upon us, I just wanted to remind you about the Amazon Smile program where you can sign up and Brookside receives a small portion of your purchase price as cashback for our PTA. The link to sign up is   or you can find it on the PTA’s Facebook page at . It’s still your same Amazon account but you have to make sure you go to the Amazon Smile page for it to work. Thank you -- every little bit helps!

I also wanted to let you know that starting today during lunch we have asked students to put any uneaten, unopened food items from their school lunch (applesauce, bananas, fruit cups, milk, etc.) on the “sharing table”. If other students would like an extra milk, for example, they are welcome to get one off the sharing table at no additional cost. We are hoping this helps cut down on the food wasted each day at lunch time. Students are also welcome to stop in at the office after school and get any leftover food items to take home.

Thank you and have a great week!

Dana Beckert


Brookside 5th Grade Students Create State Floats For Exhibit

Miss Susie Bird

The fifth graders have been learning about the states and capitals of the United States of America.  They were asked to create a state float and complete a packet about their state.  They learned a lot about their state and did an amazing job on their floats.

Praise Note Students For The Week Of November 13, 2017

Mrs. Dana Beckert

This weeks praise note recipients are: Easton Thompson picked up paper towels on the floor and threw them away, Reece Petersen showed responsiblity, Finleigh Forbush helped find a lost item for a classmate, Kayla Crawford reads 100 minutes each week and turns in her homework on time, Silah Rawlinson is helpful and always ready to start classwork, Eduard Orozco works hard, Jonas Benson is a peacemaker, Lincoln Tibbs shared what he had prepared with another student, Florencia Palma is great at participating in class, Evie Fluckiger comes to class on time, Jack Irvine goes the extra mile when helping to clean the classroom, Ashton Forsyth is using good manner and being respectful, Paul Nance listens and raises his hand, Quin Clegg played with someone that needed a friend, Colin Sorensen worked quickly to get his morning work done, Tyler Fay helped a neighbor clean up, Drew LeSueur sat quietly on the carpet and participated, Gracie Tanner said "I'm sorry" to someone that needed to hear that, Alaynia Forbush cleaned the classroom after everyone left, Riker Zufelt was very respectful during the woodbury dance assembly. Mrs. Bradford received a praise note from one of her students saying, "Miss Bradford gets a praise note for letting us have extra recess and helping us learn!"


Brookside Student Council Went To A Leadership Conference At BYU

Mrs. Kandice Antonino

On Wednesday, Nov. 8th the student council had to opportunity to attend a leadership conference designed just for students like them in leadership positions at their school. The conference was all day long and held at BYU. There were several great talks and the student left feeling inspired and ready to become even better leaders for Brookside. Devon Anderson learned that “No matter how many times you fail, there’s always a way to get back in.” Ammon Anderson liked the quote “It is better to be respected than it is to be popular.” He feels this will help him as he tries to look at the big picture. Brooklyn Pugmire went away thinking of all the ways she can be sure to include everyone in what she is doing. Warrrick Small challenged himself to try to smile and say Hi to as many kids as he can. Liesel Scott felt the quote “The problem isn’t the problem, it is how you deal with the problem” would be great to remember when going through difficult times. Finally Edie Knoebel learned that you should not be afraid to stand up for what is right and stop bullying.  The whole student council is ready for action and to help Brookside become the best it can be!