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Praise Note Students For October 2, 2017

Mrs. Dana Beckert
Praise Note Students For Week Of October 2, 2017

We have a great group of students that were showing tiger pride and working hard at doing praiseworthy things this week. They are Ava Nielson, Kate Smith, Haylee Marian, Marcos Luna, Jens Cutler, Lexie Antonino,Mckinley Bartholomew, Kate Smith, Eli Whiting, Gavin Burr, Taycee Anderson, Mary Finlayson, Zeke Diaz, Bella Esplin, Sidney Brooks, Alexandria Oman, Andres Solorio, Ashton Forsythe, Preston Ballard, Carter Bartholomew, Ben Smith, Adalyn Haglund, Olivia Burris, Talia Sroufe, Nixon Young, Carter Bartholomew, Anna Larsen, Paytan Paxton, Alex Morales, Crosby Cutler, Quinn Rummage, Chloe Brooks and Aubree Forbes.

These students were caught "working hard with a smile on her face", "always polite", "always working hard", "helped with the classroom chairs to get ready for the day", "friendly and respectful", "giving positive and encouraging notes to classmates and teachers", "doing great things in math", "fabulous attitude and kind", "always participates", "always kind", "best helper", "working hard to get a class pet", "quietly helping others", "great third grade helper in our second grade class", "helping by serving", "asking a friend to play that was lonely", "helping with class jobs when someone is absent", "pushed in all the classroom chairs without being asked", and "using best handwriting". 

Thank you Brick Oven for donating free kids meals! #praisenotes

Brookside Elementary Had A GAINS District Dance Specialist Visit Last Week

Mrs. Melanie Fillmore
6th grade teachers, Mrs. Wirfs and Mr. Craig, show up to the GAINS Dance training with their headbands donned, ready to go! Tuf

"Brookside Elementary had a GAINS District Dance Specialist visit  last week.  GAINS stands for Growing Arts In Nebo Schools.  Specialists visit elementary schools throughout the District and work with teachers and students on using different kinds of arts integration. Arts Integration employs the arts as a teaching tool to enhance learning of the core curriculum.  Brookside will be working with Dance Integration this school year.  3rd grade students used dance and movement to represent the characteristics of all LIVING THINGS.  4th grade students used white scarves to represent water droplets and moved their way through the different parts of the WATER CYCLE.5th grade students danced about the ORDER OF OPERATIONS with a little help from our hula hoops.  By adding movement to the meaning of the different operations, students will better remember this important sequence. 6th grade students used mirroring and flocking movements to emphasize the important qualities of RESPECT, COOPERATION, and TEAM WORK.

The Special Needs unit danced as well, using props such as scarves and giant elastic bands to enhance their dance ideas.

Dance is a great way to make learning fun and to help students remember concepts more deeply."

Come Support Brookside Elementary at Sonic Drive Thru Tonight 5:00-8:00pm

Mrs. Kandice Antonino

Update: All those who came to support Brookside at Sonic Monday night, Thank you we were able to make $300.00 in profit.

Tonight Brookside student council is hosting a fundraiser at Sonic Drive Thru in Spanish Fork from 5-8pm. Come have dinner and support our student council. We'd love to see everyone there!

Brookside Elementary Praise Note Students For The Week Of September 25th

Mrs. Dana Beckert
September 25th-29th Praise Note Students

Our Brookside Praise Note Students for last week were: Tristan Cooper, Parker Antonino, Zack Woodward, Jacynet Delgado, Grant Dover, Kristian Alcantar, Lily Fluckiger, Addison McCarty, Trent Henstra, Alex Mosqueda, Olivia Woodward, Maggie Miller, Alexa Laneres, Bryan Salazar, and Caroline Felix.

Some of their praisewothy acts are: "was on task during silent reading the whole time", "always smiling and happy", "is a great friends and works hard at writing", "trys his best and looks for ways to improve", "working hard during math", "being a friend to someone that was sad", "being prepared with his book club assignment", and "helped another student pick up their mess".

Great job students, we appreciate your hard work to make our school better everyday. Thank you Burger King for the donation of free kid meals as an additional reward. #praise note

Introducing Our Brookside Elementary 2017-2018 Student Council

Mrs. Kandice Antonino
2017-2018 Student Council

Our 2017-2018 Student CouncilBrooklyn PugmireBenson RigtrupAmmon AndersonEdie KnoebelDevon AndersonWarrick SmallLiesel ScottKaila FinlaysonJoaquin DiazAdia Clanton We had a lot of qualified, excited candidates and we would have liked to have them all on the student council. Thanks to all the student who participated in the election process!

Amazon Smile Gives .5% To Brookside For Eligible Purchases

Mrs. Rachel Orme

The PTA would like to make everyone aware that Brookside Elementary receives a .5% rebate on eligible purchases made at Amazon. Please consider when checking out to include the information below so that our school will get the rebate. Also, please share on Facebook, Tweeter and email to your friends and family. Every little bit helps and goes toward our students education here at Brookside.

Share this link and ask your donors, volunteers, employees, and friends to bookmark this link so all their eligible shopping will benefit PTA Utah Congress Brookside Elementary PTA. 
Send an email: In your next email newsletter to supporters, promote your AmazonSmile participation and include the link above.
Copy and paste this message in a Facebook post: When you #StartWithaSmile, Amazon donates 0.5% of the purchase price to PTA Utah Congress Brookside Elementary PTA. Bookmark the link and support us every time you shop.
Copy and paste this message in a Tweet: Amazon donates to PTA Utah Congress Brookside Elementary PTA when you shop @AmazonSmile. #YouShopAmazonGives

Praise Notes For The Week Of September 18, 2017

Mrs. Dana Beckert

We had another great group of students today who received praise notes from Mrs. Beckert for doing many acts of kindness and hard work throughout the week. They are Malachi Putra, Aria Lee, Henry Mangum, Ayva Haglund, Marlie Skinner, Paige Blackburn, Derek Huerta, Halle Strong, Jake Hill, Korver Esplin, Cooper Ostler, Paytan Paxton, Angelina Aquino, Talon Keith, Sione Afemui, Lincoln Tibbs, Flor Assis, Brynn Jones, Trygve Stewart, Serenity Johnson, Logan Jensen, Kempton Nord, Noah Cardenas, Henry Lewis, Gracie Tanner, Aaron Narcisso, Alex and Taylor Woodward, Vianney Fonseca, Parker Young, David Sanders, Sully Hall, Mrs. Harrison, Haylee Miller, Charlie Smith, HJ Ernest, Ashley Fitzgerald, Lexi Antonino, and Kristoffer Bartholomew.

Some of the praise received was: "He is a stellar student, working so hard", "being helpful to the teacher", "being kind and respectful", "has a fantastic attitude", "always does his best work", "cleaned up trash in lunchroom all the way down the table", "picking up trash in the hall way", "goes out of her way to be helpful and friendly to others", "stepping up to lead morning meeting when no one else in his leader group would", "helping Mrs. Graves before school get projects done", "always trustworthy", "unstacked out classroom chairs", "picked up trash in the playground", "always having a positive attitude and smile on her face", "always follows classroom rules".

Thank you to Brick Oven for giving the students free kids meals for being so awesome this week.


Monday Message-Make Sure You Are Checking The Website Weekly Under The Monday Message Tab

Mrs. Dana Beckert

September 18, 2017

Dear Parents,

We are excited to announce our box top week has started! Please collect box tops and send them with your students. The PTA is sponsoring a competition this week – the class that brings in the most box tops will receive a reward. The box tops program is a great way for the PTA to earn extra money that will directly affect our students. 

Also, the PTA has extra school t-shirts. If you would like a school shirt please contact our PTA president, Rachel Orme, or talk to the secretaries in the office. Each Friday is spirit day and it is fun to see everyone in their Brookside t-shirt.

6th grade orchestra started this week but it is NOT too late to join. If your 6th grader would like to participate, come into the school office and sign up. Please feel free to come to orchestra on Monday morning at 8:00 in room 19. If you don’t know what instrument you want to play, you can try some out and decide. 

Looking forward, next week is no screen week. During this week, students are encouraged to decrease their screen time and increase other fun and creative activities in their free time. There will be more information coming next Monday!

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