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School Has Started At Brookside Elementary

Submitted by liz.porter on Thu, 08/24/2017 - 12:37

Everyone at Brookside Elementary is excited to be back at school. We had our first assembly Tuesday and welcomed all our new teachers, staff and principal to our great school. We learned about expectations for this coming school year and are ready to have fun while learning new things. We welcome all parents and patrons of Brookside to come and volunteer in classrooms, join the PTA and be involved in our school. Lets have a great year!

Mrs. Liz Porter

Back To School At Brookside Elementary

Submitted by liz.porter on Wed, 08/16/2017 - 15:27

We are excited to see all our parents and students back at school August 21, 2017 from 2:00pm - 4:00pm for our back to school open house. Please come and meet our new principal and your teacher, see your classroom and join the PTA. You can also pay for school lunch, get calendar information and have fun!

School starts on Tuesday, August 22, 2017 and is from 9:00am-3:15pm. Remember early out is every Monday at 2:30pm.

We can't wait to meet new faces, see old ones and have a great school year.

Mrs. Liz Porter


Submitted by alicia.rudd on Mon, 05/29/2017 - 16:27

Please see the flyer if you are interested in a FREE kindergarten readiness program for your child.

Mrs. Rudd

Fifth Grade Floats

Submitted by amber.hobbs on Thu, 05/04/2017 - 11:06

The fifth graders have been learning about the American History in social studies this year.  Recently, they were assigned a state to research and create a float.  The students are so creative with they floats.  They did an amazing job.

Ms. Bird

Certified Employee at Brookside

Submitted by amber.hobbs on Wed, 05/03/2017 - 09:01

Laurie Odekirk Bills has been settled in Mapleton where she has raised 4 children with her husband Doug. She is now a grandma to 12. She owned a Day Care for a time, and now works as a secretary at Brookside Elementary. She loves her Brookside family and is excited to be spending full-time with everyone at Brookside. 

We appreciate everything she has done for Brookside Elementary! 

Mrs. Hobbs

6th Grade Track Day

Submitted by amber.hobbs on Tue, 05/02/2017 - 08:48


Long Jump: Ethan Stewart (2nd)

100 Meter:  Garret Henrie (3rd), Will Emmett (5th)

200 Meter: Will Emmett (3rd), Crew Fullmer (4th)

800 Meter: Will Emmett (1st)


Long Jump: Zoie Smith (5th), Ellie Esplin (6th)

Softball Throw: Caroline Simpson (1st), Ellie Esplin (4th)

200 Meter: Ellie Esplin (2nd), Sky Giles (6th)

Mrs. Hobbs

April Tigers of the Month

Submitted by amber.hobbs on Tue, 05/02/2017 - 08:36

First Grade: Conner Adams, Noah Cardenas, Maizy Lyman, and Olivia Smith

Second Grade: Sawyer Grover, Jill Larson, Angelina Aquino, and Kate Neth

Third Grade: James Rich, Olivia Larson, and Leila Wilson

Fourth Grade: Teagan Farrer, Raini Warren, Tea Dabb, and Riley Hoffman

Fifth Grade: Maggie Brooks, Ashtyn Saybolt, and Hunter Montague

Sixth Grade: Olivia Dover, Madelyn Maccabee, and Quinn Levengood

Mr. Gappmayer

Monday Message

Submitted by alicia.rudd on Sat, 04/29/2017 - 21:45

Dear Parents,

It's hard to believe it is May.  Only four more Mondays of the year.

There are a few things happening this week that you may need to know:

Tuesday: Mrs. Tami Evans and class will have their poetry day.

Wednesday: 4th grade track meet will begin at 9:30

Thursday: 5th grade State Floats are available to view in the 5th grade hallway

Mrs. Rudd

5th Grade Track Results

Submitted by amber.hobbs on Fri, 04/28/2017 - 10:56
Boys 100 Meter
1st Place - Ammon Anderson
4th Place - Easton Barrett

Boys 200 Meter
1st Place - Ammon Anderson
5th Place - Bennett Averett

Boys 400 Meter
2nd Place - Bennett Averett
4th Place - Mason DeLlamas

Boys Softball Throw
1st Place - Easton Barrett
2nd Place - Bennett Averett

Boys Long Jump
Ms. Bird