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Mrs. Hall's Class Takes a Trip to the Zoo and Learns about Pumpkins

Submitted by susan.bird on Wed, 10/27/2021 - 08:15

There is a lot of fun and learning happening in Mrs. Hall's class.  First, Mrs.Hall’s class takes a field trip to Dutch Hall’s farm! And being that it's October the best science is learning all about pumpkins.  Mrs. Hall’s class learned about the life cycle and parts of a pumpkin! Then they enjoyed a pumpkin cookie.  Yum!

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Mrs. Mijken Hall

Walk Away From Drugs

Submitted by susan.bird on Mon, 10/25/2021 - 13:08

We are celebrating Ribbon week this week and today is red ribbon day.  We learned the differences between medicine and drugs and how to make smart decisions.  The theme was Walk Away From Drugs and students and staff wore crazy socks today.

The Red Barn Field Trip

Submitted by susan.bird on Thu, 10/21/2021 - 14:53

A couple of weeks ago, our first graders decided to brave the cold and wet weather to go on a field trip to the Red Barn.  The students had a lot of fun playing on the vehicles, sliding down the slide and seeing the pumpkins.  It might have been cold, but they loved it!

Mrs. BrynLee Pickering

Haunted Houses

Submitted by susan.bird on Mon, 10/18/2021 - 12:59

Such AMAZING parents showed up to help all of the 3rd grade students build and paint their haunted houses in Miss Bradford’s class, Mrs. Knoebel’s class, and Mrs. Grave’s class. Students had so much fun! 

Ms. Mary Jenn Bradford